Sam Winchester & Oliver Queen Are Real-Life BFFs

Gather 'round my fellow CW fanatics, especially those who can't get enough of Supernatural and Arrow. And even more specifically, if you absolutely adore Sam Winchester and Oliver Queen, then you're going to love this. Did you know that Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell are good friends? When they aren't busy playing characters who are saving the world, they're hanging out being all cool and raising money for charity. Basically, they are the type of BFFs every friend pair should strive to be.

Before I dive deep into their relationship as amazing besties, I just want to point out something for my Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester fans: This by no means that Amell is replacing Jensen Ackles as Padalecki's friend. That would never happen. Padalecki and Ackles will be friends and basically brothers for life. So, no need to worry that JarPad is pushing Ackles to the side. Actually, Ackles, Padalecki, and Amell are all friends, but it appears the latter two are just closer. Plus, this isn't a competition. It's all about friends supporting one another and making fangirls' dreams come true: Oliver Queen and Sam Winchester are real-life friends! This is something to celebrate!

Here are 12 reasons Padalecki and Amell make such great friends.

1. They Support One Another

These two are both charitable and support each other in their philanthropic efforts. Actually, Amell is the one who pushed Padalecki to create a t-shirt as part of his Always Keep Fighting campaign.

2. They Hang On The Weekends

And post pictures like this.

3. They Love To Joke Around

If you can't joke with your friends, then what's the point?

4. They Resemble One Another

They could be twins.

5. They're Super Affectionate

See? Nothing but love.

6. They Visit Each Other On Set

Let's hope there will be a Supernatural/Arrow crossover soon.

7. They're Always On One Another's Mind

Can you blame them?

8. They Have Each Other's Back

Friends. For. Life.

9. They Try To Get Each Other Followers

Now that's what friendship is all about, right?

10. They Challenge One Another

And all for a good cause.

11. They Love The Good Old Days

I mean, just look at that #TBT photo of Stephen from When Calls the Heart.

12. They Love Wine

Most importantly, they love wine — and enjoy stealing it.

That's true friendship, right there. And Stephen Amell agrees: