Clay & Shelli Deserve To Be Evicted On 'Big Brother 17' & It's No One's Fault But Their Own

Clay and Shelli have had a pretty good run in the Big Brother house up until this point. Shelli has won HoH two out of six times, their alliance The Sixth Sense ruled the house for most of the season, and they had the most adorable showmance this season. Now that James has put Shelli and Clay on the block, it appears that the reign of Clelli is coming to an end. The eviction of Shelli or Clay is now guaranteed since James didn't use the PoV, and even their own alliance members seem ready to say goodbye to one of the houseguests. The most tragic aspect of this is that the only people Clay and Shelli can blame for being in this position is themselves.

Big Brother is not only about making it farther than anyone else, but allowing other people to help carry you farther into the game. The biggest error that Clay and Shelli have made during their gameplay is that despite having multiple opportunities to collaborate with other players in the game, they believed themselves to be king and queen of the castle and waited for other people to come to them. By the time Clay and Shelli were scrambling to try and stay in the house, it seemed as though no one was interested in helping. Here are just a few ways that Clay and Shelli have gotten themselves into this pickle.

Evicting Da'Vonne Instead Of Audrey

During Shelli's first week as HoH, everyone in the house wanted to evict Audrey for spreading lies and backstabbing those that she had formed partnerships with. However, Shelli instead saw an opportunity to blindside Da'Vonne and get her evicted. Everyone expected Shelli to backdoor Audrey at a PoV ceremony so that Da'Vonne would be up against Audrey on the block. However, Da'Vonne's fate was sealed once Shelli nominated the likable pawn Meg instead of Audrey. This was the first example of Shelli and Clay being willing to go back on their word so that they could evict whoever they wanted.

Betraying The Dark Moon Alliance

Clay and Shelli helped form the massive eight-person Dark Moon alliance once they caught wind that Austin did not have their best interests in mind. A few days after the alliance was formed, Clay and Shelli started talking Vanessa into backdooring fellow Dark Moon member Jason instead of Austin. Once Jason was put up, Clay and Shelli started acting incredibly suspicious and it didn't take long for the house to figure out that they were to blame for the eviction of Jason.

Throwing Vanessa Under The Bus

The biggest thing that Clay and Shelli have done to seal their fate has been to throw their closest ally under the bus. Whenever they have been confronted about the eviction of Jason, both Clay and Shelli claim that they had nothing to do with it, and that they were as surprised as everyone. This not only turns their closest ally, Vanessa, against them, but reminds the house how untrustworthy they are.

It seems that with the track record for betrayal that these two lovebirds have accrued, they've gotten exactly the fate they deserve. For more on their doomed gameplay, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast and find additional episodes on our Soundcloud page.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS