5 Seconds Of Summer Has A Complaint About Skinny Jeans, Their Go-To Style Of Pant

There have been a lot of rumblings about the possible fall of The Skinny Jeans Empire as of late (isn’t this, like, the 93rd time they were supposed to go out of style in the last five years?), but I, for one, am not about to abandon ship. Whether or not they do become passé, skinny jeans will forever be my jam (as cool as boyfriend jeans and ‘70s-inspired flares look on a lot of ladies, I’ve yet to try on a pair of either style that doesn’t make me look like I don’t understand how clothing works). And whaddya know? My boos, aka the pop-punk quartet behind "She's Kinda Hot", are right there with me: In a recent interview with MTV News, 5 Seconds of Summer brought up tapered denim, aka the band's pant of choice. However, as much as they do love skinny jeans, they have a serious bone to pick. And pick that bone they did.

The dudes of 5SOS want denim manufacturers to "fix skinny jeans" by changing the way the pant hits the ankle. The band told MTV News that men’s skinny jeans veer too much into bell-bottom territory, and they are not here for the bell-bottoms.

“People don’t wear flares,” said drummer Ashton Irwin. “No one is in the Bee Gees anymore except for the Bee Gees. Please listen to us.”

MTV on YouTube

I hear you, 5SOS. I really do. No one wants it to look like they're wearing workout socks from the '80s underneath their skinny jeans. I know I've taken a pair or two to the tailor for that very reason. But remember, if your jeans are too tailored, your walking sticks won't be able to breathe. Let us not forget about what can happen when skinny jeans go too far. Skinny jean wisely, my darlings. Skinny jean wisely.