Is The Last ‘Daily Show’ Live? Jon Stewart's Final Bow Is Guaranteed To Bring The All The Feels

We've known it was coming for a while now. We've had time to prepare. We've gotten accustomed to the idea that a new host would be taking over, even if we aren't quite ready for what that means. The sad truth of the matter is that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show (sob) and he is leaving it now. Honestly, just because I've had time to prepare, that doesn't mean I'm ready for this. I don't want to say goodbye and I'm not sure how I'm going to watch the show without him. While it's pretty crushing that the Stewart-era is ending, at the very least we'll get a good, solid goodbye in. The final episode of The Daily Show should be live and packed with an emotional send off that may take the weekend to come back from.

The network is being smart, in my opinion, about the final episode by not scheduling any sort of guest interview that day because the focus will be on Jon (as it should be). So, we have one last hour to reflect on almost two decades of brilliant, fake (but not that fake) news stories. Knowing what we do about the show, here is what I think we are in for — even though they'll probably find a way to surprise us all. We'll miss you Jon!

A News Update

I think he'll probably start the show by pretending like he's going to end with business as usual, only to have the news anchors break in, maybe crying. Probably crying.

Former Correspondent Check In

We've seen a ton of talent cycle through the show over the years, hopefully some of the correspondents old and new will come to say goodbye. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert to come back one last time.

A Super Cut Of Jon Giggling

Because life is just better when Jon breaks.

Musical Number

Will he take a page out of The Colbert Report's book and end things with a flashy, giant musical number? I would not hate it.

Bruce Springsteen

Speaking of music, it would be pretty sweet if The Boss showed up. Think of the fan-boying! Think of the songs!

A Highlight Reel

There are a lot of news stories to cover — ideally, they'll super-cut the highlights for us.

Lots Of Hugs & Crying

I want to feel the feels. I want to see the feels. Bring it.

A Sweet Farewell Speech

If anyone can make me feel better about Jon Stewart leaving, it's Jon Stewart. I hope there will be a thoughtful and heartfelt goodbye that is somehow both perfect and nowhere near enough.

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