9 Coffee Quotes That Perfectly Articulate Our Feelings About The One Drink That Rules Them All

Coffee brings people together unlike anything else. All around the world, coffee is just as much an activity as a beverage. Even before we're old enough to drive, we're grabbing vanilla-caramel creamy concoctions with friends and feeling like life has reached its peak. The mere idea of coffee can lure us from our cozy beds in the morning, and the office coffee machines (and super-convenient K-CUP ® pods) give us life when we're at our sleepiest. We meet with friends, colleagues, and everyone in between to drink coffee, and we even enjoy it at night to wrap up a dinner. There is no time of day that coffee can't improve, and sometimes it's hard to find the words to truly express our deep feelings for the beloved drink that picks us up in a way that nothing else can.

Coffee will never not be there for you. Coffee is dependable and everlasting. We each have a special, personal relationship with coffee, but moreover we're all connected by a mutual love that we will never tire of shouting from the rooftops. We've teamed up with Dunkin' Donuts at Home to bring you the best of the best of the coffee quotes that articulate the love we have in our black, warm, sugary hearts for the one drink that truly rules them all.

Images: Friends / Warner Brothers; Claire Joines.

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