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What Should You Bring To Your Friendsgiving Dinner?

By Jenna Wexler & Dawn Foster

Which UGGs Should You Buy This Spring?

By Jenna Wexler & Caroline Wurtzel

What Should You Treat Yourself To This Holiday Season?

By Jenna Wexler & Kaitlyn "Shea" O'Connor

Grey Layers Spills Her Holiday Shopping List

Holiday shopping for your BFFs can be a little daunting. You want to give gifts that they'll genuinely love, and that can take a little more effort than popping by the mall for an hour. To take off the pressure, we got shopping advice from a pro: Jea…
By Jenna Wexler

Try This Easy-To-Make Fall Apple Recipe — VIDEO

There are a few unofficial fall rules that I feel the need to fill you in on. First, posting pictures of beautiful foliage is a must, because there are people in the world — like me — who are waiting with bated breath to double-tap it. (Here for you!…
By Jenna Wexler

The Weeknight Salad You'll Want Right Now — VIDEO

Making a great dinner for yourself after a long day at work can definitely sound daunting. And when you're looking for a dish that's quick, fresh, and easy to make, chances are you'll find yourself reaching around in your refrigerator for the typical…
By Jenna Wexler

6 Too-Cute Hacks To Upgrade Your Glass Of Bubbly

It's easy to browse a favorite blogger's feed and wonder how they can possibly lead such a photogenic life. How do they pose their avocado toast so perfectly next to a pristine latte on a white marble table and snap the perfect shot all before the co…
By Jenna Wexler

How To Make Mini Ice Cream Cakes — VIDEO

If you haven't heard by now, Pillsbury® has just released Girl Scout Cookie™-inspired baking mixes. Yes, you heard that right, and yes, you should be very excited. These flavors are unlike any other, and now that those delicious, nostalgia-filled fav…
By Jenna Wexler

7 Twists On PB&J You'll Want To Try Right Now

I'm not sure if this is weird or not, but as much as I love cooking, I'm really not a fan of recipes. To me, cooking is like a little art project that just happens to be a necessary part of every day. I'm always mixing it up — whether that means putt…
By Jenna Wexler

Revamp An Old Table With This DIY Paint Trick

Even if you're well out of school and living in your own place, there are always those few pieces of furniture that stick around — whether you like it or not. Maybe it's a storage piece from your dorm room, a hand-me-down coffee table from your first…
By Jenna Wexler

One Acai Bowl Recipe, Infinite Possibilties

As soon as summer hits, I feel a serious need to be at the beach as much as possible. And if I can't actually be at the beach, I find all kinds of ways to bring the beach to me — even if I'm stuck inside in the middle of the city. Bringing those trop…
By Jenna Wexler

11 Perfect Gifts For Travel-Obsessed Couples

Everyone knows that one one couple that seems to be globetrotting on the regular. A scroll through their Instagram feed is like an ultra-hip digital version of National Geographic, where all they seem to do is explore unbelievable locales and eat del…
By Jenna Wexler

12 Summer Beach Bag Essentials

It sounds insanely cliché, but 99 percent of the time people are told to close their eyes and go to their "happy place," that place is the beach. OK, maybe I made up that statistic entirely, but I would bet a whole lot that it's accurate. Crystal blu…
By Jenna Wexler

3 Sets Of IRL Besties, 1 Pair of Jeans

OK, so Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants got some things very wrong (ahem, there's no way you all fit in that one pair of thrifted jeans), but it got some other things very right. A good pair of jeans is like a great friend: lasting, dependable, and …
By Jenna Wexler

How To Throw An Italian Feast For Your Friends

There is a common misconception that you can only throw a really great dinner party if you're an excellent cook. This is simply not true. I don't care how "bad" you think you are in the kitchen, there are so many simple, easy-to-follow recipes that y…
By Jenna Wexler

7 Easy Ways To Remix Your Closet

It's easy to get in the habit of seeing your clothes in a certain way. Your black jeans go with tops X, Y, and Z, that one stripey skirt can only go with that crop top you got specifically to match it, and certain colors can only go with their design…
By Jenna Wexler

Bustle's Callie Timpanaro Shares Her Style Secrets

Whenever I wear a choker, I kind of feel like I'm playing '90s dress-up, but when Callie Timpanaro wears a choker, it looks completely organic. Callie wears a lot of things that are theoretically hard to pull off, but she makes them look totally effo…
By Jenna Wexler

Why I Moved To New York City

I distinctly remember a conversation I had with one of my best friends at home in Los Angeles when we were about 16 years old. We were waiting in a restroom line after seeing The Family Stone and talking about how much fun it would be to live togethe…
By Jenna Wexler

'Fancy' Snacks To Make For A Girls' Night In

On any given night, I'm way more inclined to have some good friends over for food and drinks than actually deal with the whole process of going out. Don't get me wrong — I do love the occasional excuse to dress up and socialize in the outside world, …
By Jenna Wexler

5 Pieces That Are Totally Worth The Splurge

I'm convinced that every girl with a really great wardrobe knows the same secret: what to splurge on and where to save. Effortless style is all about a mix of high and low, and having an eye for quality — and quality often comes with a bigger price t…
By Jenna Wexler