Miley "Loves" Harry Styles Wearing Space Buns

by Sienna Fantozzi

I might be a huge fangirl, but even I can't get down with one Harry Styles hair 'do. Double manbuns are receiving the nod of approval, however, from Miley Cyrus, who loves Styles' space buns. And her public declaration of affection is the greatest thing I've seen all day.

When my favorite One Direction-er started rocking the man bun, I cringed a little, but I let it slide. He's Harry, he can do no wrong. But then some fans doubled the love and photoshopped him rocking two, Zenon-style space buns on top of his head, which is cute and all, but only because it's not real, IMHO. (Phew!)

And I'm not the only one who is none-too-fond of the wack-a-doo 'do. One Direction's hair dresser, Lou Teasdale, tweeted: "The space buns thing. I don't get it." But there's one person who does, and she's been known to rock a double bun herself, every now and again: Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus posted a collage of photoshopped shots of Harry rocking the space buns with the headline "HARRY WITH SPACE BUNS I'M SO IN LOVE", and captioned it "pretty much." And then Harry "liked" the photo, so it's just adorable on every level.

Though Harry's buns aren't real, there are a few celebrities who do rock space buns in real life.

Miley Cyrus

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The queen of the space buns.

FKA Twigs

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Braided space buns.

Ariana Grande

Half-up, half-down space buns.


Red space buns.

Kylie Jenner

They even have the Kardashian/Jenner seal of approval.

Rita Ora

The leather, pink jumpsuit really ups the "space" vibe.

Gwen Stefani

Her No Doubt space buns were a '90s classic.

Images: mileycyrus/Instagram; nicdavidsonn/Twitter, stellacreative1/Twitter, StrikeTwoPoses/Twitter, BET/Twitter, Bryce_Gomez/Twitter; Getty Images