WTF Was Harry Styles Thinking With This Hair?

by Erin Mayer

Harry Styles. He of the wildly out of control hair has attempted to tame those free-flowing locks at long last and the results are... strange. Hairstylist Lou Teasdale shared a photo of Harry Styles rocking a braided man bun on her Instagram account and the whole thing is confusing. His hair looks like something you would've done to a Barbie doll when you were eight — and not in a Moschino-approved sort of way.

I'm not a huge fan of the man bun to begin with, but something about the mish-mash of braids and the half-up/half-down thing Harry has going on here makes the pop singer actually look, well, unhot. Yeah. The man bun mess actually negates his hotness. It's a 'do so bad that it renders Harry's natural beauty powerless. Oh the horror.

To be fair, this has got to be a joke. Teasdale captioned the photo with "Ladies and gentlemen, my man grooming skillz," implying that this is all in good fun and that Harry's hair is not ruined forever. She even apologized for the look on Twitter. I'm sure One Direction's frantic and terrifying Twitter fan base was outraged at what she did to their beloved Harry Styles and his perfect locks.

Just... no. I'm probably going to get death threats for this one, but I am NOT DOWN with the braided man bun. Let's get back to those windswept tousled waves now, shall we Harry?

Image: louteasdale/Instagram