Who Is Nikki Alexander's Family? 'It Takes A Sister' Documents The Reality Star's Unconventional Living Arrangements

I feel some form of responsibility for the former stars of Flavor of Love. Look, they became reality stars in a different time — 2006, guys — so it's not really surprising so many of them have returned for more shots at the spotlight now that reality TV is booming. And, the latest Flavor of Love alum to get her own spinoff is Hoopz, whose new show It Takes a Sister documents Nikki Alexander's family and their unconventional living arrangements, which include fourteen people under one roof.

No, Nikki is not a long-lost member of the 19 Kids and Counting clan. Instead, over the years she's invited and encouraged her four sisters and their children to come stay with her, and they've all formed a communal relationship. There are even a bunch of pets included — the house looks insane, but the arrangement seems to work for them. Some people thrive on chaos, and that seems to be the case for the Alexander fam.

So, in addition to meeting Nikki's family for the first time, the show will also introduce why they're all at a point where they want to live in a house with a dozen other people rather than at the point where they want more independence. The short answer seems to be a close sense of family and some recent trauma. The long answer? Found below, as each member of the family has their own reasons.

Nikki Alexander

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Nikki, or Hoopz, recently got out of a long relationship with Shaquille O'Neal, and in the trailer for the new season of It Takes a Sister , describes the breakup as "really bad." Looks like she's relying on family for a bit until that pain subsides. And, if they can get a TV deal out of it? Why not? She won both Flavor of Love and I Love Money, so maybe the third turn on TV will be even better.

Jenni Alexander + Her Kids Adonis, Jaiden, And Bubba

She's the second oldest after Nikki, with three kids, and the "practical" member of the family. She's looking for a new job in massage therapy that both provides her with "zen" and can support her family. For the time being, she's figuring it out while staying with Nikki.

Erika Alexander + Her Kids Nathyn And Zaira

Erika is the self-described "crazy one," and has the best sense of humor. But, she jokes to disguise that, like Nikki, she too suffered a bad breakup in advance of moving to Tennessee to be with the rest of the family.

Kortnee + Her Kids Guliana And Jelaiyah

Kortnee may also be single after a bad breakup, but she's not traumatized like her older sisters — she's already actively looking for a new man. And, it should not be hard for her to find one with that Amber Rose look she has going on. Though I can't imagine it's easy to date while living with eight kids and four sisters.

Meagan + Her Son Lil Dre

According to Nikki, Meagan is "the most drama filled sister in the family." She's also the newest into the house, as she's moving with her son from Michigan right as the show begins to pursue becoming a nuse. Adding to Meagan's natural penchant for being dramatic is the fact that her ex is also living with the rest of the Alexanders because...

Big Dre

...He's Nikki's assistant. Why would any person subject themselves to living with their boss and their ex (who's also your coparent)? As Dre says to close out the season trailer, "It takes a village to raise a family. And this is our village." Even though the 14-person household may not be most people's ideal, for the It Takes a Sister cast, it's the best way to raise their complicated family. And, hey, whatever works, you know?

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