Is Jonathan Holloway Single? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star May Be Dating Another 'Bachelor' Lady

There are few things I love more than I love The Bachelor franchise's many shows, but especially Bachelor in Paradise. To the uninitiated, I can admit it sounds like a hot mess of cheap reality TV, but when you actually watch it, you realize it's actually a hot mess of cheap reality TV that's so much fun to watch. One of my favorite things about the show? It brings back so many cast members I've missed seeing on TV... even though some of them are dudes we haven't had much of a chance to miss! So much of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 cast is made up of Kaitlyn's rejects from The Bachelorette this year. And now that filming is obvs over, I'm wondering something about one of them: Is Jonathan Holloway single?

A little investigating gave me the answer that I was looking for: Possibly. I know, I know — that's not actually a real answer, but it's all he's willing to give us. After all, he's been pretty quiet about his love life since he was eliminated from The Bachelorette. And no, he is not dating Britt Nilsson, his initial choice for Bachelorette.

After searching through his social media for clues, I've come up with a few. Number one: The possibility that he's dating Bachelor star Cassandra Ferguson from Juan Pablo's season. Check out his Instagram post from their playdate last week.

OK, so Cassandra's version of this photo included hashtags that promised they're not actually dating, so that's not exactly proof of anything. Still, if they are together, I'm totally not upset about it. They're so cute!

Otherwise, everything's quiet on the social media front... especially when it comes to Jonathan's dating habits. What he's up to lately seems to be hanging out with this guy — his son, Sky.

I have a feeling that between The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, Sky is probably pretty happy to have his dad back.... and he's going to have plenty of material to mock his old man for when he gets old enough to watch him on the show.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if Jonathan finds love in Paradise... or, you know, if he confirms he's dating Cassandra sometime soon. My fingers are crossed for the latter. Those two are adorable together!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC