'Dance Moms' Star JoJo Siwa Talks Her Newfound Fame & Her Huge Collection Of Signature Bows

Since joining the cast this year, Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa has quickly developed a devoted fan following. It's easy to see why — she owns the stage with her energy and charisma, she always stays positive, and she's been a total trooper during the uphill battle of being the new kid on the show. Jojo basically has to constantly prove herself to coach Abby Lee Miller, but she's moved up quickly, progressing from a guest dancer to a full-fledged ALDC competition team member.

In an interview with Bustle, JoJo describes being on Dance Moms as pretty much a full-time job. "Even when I'm not in the studio, I'm working on a dance at home, or stretching," she explains. But, she's loving every minute of it, and when I asked her what her favorite part of the show is, she mentioned multiple things: "I love the girls, of course. And, I love working with the whole crew, the sound people, the producers, and the camera people."

JoJo says she's very grateful for the opportunity to appear on Dance Moms, knowing she is getting the ultimate experience in show business, and that it will help her achieve her dreams of becoming a star.

Although JoJo has been on the show for less than a year, she's already made a huge impression on the dance community. She was recently nominated for an Industry Dance Award in the category of "Favorite Dancer — 17 & Under". The ceremony will be held on August 19 in Hollywood, and her fellow nominees include teammates Maddie and Kalani — proving that the Dance Moms stars are constantly excelling in the industry.

Despite her overnight fame, JoJo remains down-to-earth and is never too busy to talk with her fans, even when she's out and about with family and friends. "I love meeting my fans and talking to them," she says. "It’s really cool to see their reactions. Some of them cry, some of them won’t talk because they’re speechless, and I’m like... 'I'm a human! We're the same age!'"

But, though she may be the same age — or younger — than many of her fans, JoJo is ever the role model, showing viewers that pushing forward and chasing your dreams always pays off in the end. Her advice for those who look up to her is "to just believe in yourself and be yourself." Smart words that show the 12-year-old is wise beyond her years.

And — because I just had to know — I asked JoJo how many bows she owns. "Over 500... I think close to 600 now," she told me, adding that her mom makes "every single one." It's not surprising that the bow-wearing dancer is now branching into fashion herself. She recently designed a new limited edition clothing line in collaboration with Tilt Dancewear.

From dance to design, JoJo's accomplishments over the past year have been nothing short of impressive, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented rising star.

Image: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime