Clare Made A New Animal Friend On 'BiP'

Sometimes you've just got to keep your sense of humor about things, and returning to a marathon-dating show trying to find true love with all of America watching is most definitely one of those times. My girl Clare Crawley made her glorious return to Bachelor In Paradise this week and instead of bringing any sort of drama, she is keeping things light. See, last season Clare was caught up in some date card drama, and was venting a little to the show producers. The clever folks that they are, they edited the footage to make it seem like Clare was talking to a raccoon. So far, the raccoon hasn't made an appearance on Season 2, but Clare did talk to a crab on Bachelor in Paradise, so it was close.

The first time it happened, it was pretty funny (not to mention fuzzy and adorable), but it made Clare come across as — well, a tiny bit unstable. Raccoon memes were born and he (I think it was a he) quickly became the face of Bachelor in Paradise. Fortunately, Clare is actually pretty chill about the whole thing, and poked fun at her animal-themed past her first night back on the show with the crab conversation.

But first, check out the raccoon therapy-session below:

See? If that were me I might be a little miffed at the editing work at play there, but Clare just shrugged it off like a boss. When debating who to ask out with her date card tonight she spilled her troubles to a rouge crab and the results were predictably hilarious. It's a smart move, and I think I speak for everyone watching when I say thank you for breaking up the drama with some fun!

And, check out her crab chat-session below. I personally think the crab is a much better listener.

What other animals will we see converse with the contestants this season? Tune in to find out! (Fingers crossed they get something cool like a whale or a dolphin next.)

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC