How Old Is Tenley Molzahn? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star's Age Has Nothing To Do With Her Shot At Love

Poor Tenley, you guys. She’s just not feeling it with anyone so far on Bachelor In Paradise. I think it’s partly because she hasn’t really had the chance to hang out with anyone one-on-one and partly because none of the guys have given her the time of day — yet. Needless to say, Tenley doesn’t want to be sent home. She blames her lack of love partly on her age (she’s 31, whereas girl favorite Jared is 26), but that’s totally bogus — Tenley, you are just as deserving of a rose of any one else there. Your age has nothing to do with it.

Tenley’s had a little bit of a rough go when it comes to her time on The Bachelor and its assorted programming. She came in second to Vienna Girardi on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor (because that relationship lasted so long). She found love with Kiptyn Locke last year on Bachelor In Paradise…until they broke up after the show ended. Kiptyn just had a baby (who they named Koltyn and I can’t even) with his girlfriend, Samm Murphy, and you can tell that Tenley is still reeling from the split. I would be, too — sometimes it’s hard to admit that something is over, you know? This baby really means the final nail in the coffin for their relationship.

That all being said, Tenley’s potential for love has literally nothing to do with her age. Firstly, 31 is not at all old (though it may feel that way given how young everyone is on the show), and, secondly, she just isn’t connecting with the guys, and that’s fine, too. I think she should go home and cut her losses before throwing herself at the next guy she sees (cough cough, JJ). Faking love is as bad as losing love, and sometimes a gal just needs to know when to bail out and run. But now that JJ has given her the rose ... well, she's on her own.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell