Ashley S. Shows Normal Side On 'Bachelor In Paradise' & I'm Glad The Producers Are Letting Us See The Real Her

There are a lot of reasons I'm already loving Bachelor in Paradise this season, and one of the big ones is the return of "Onion Girl" aka Ashley S. to network television. She was my very favorite part of Chris Soules' season, mostly because she lightened up a season where there was a ton of drama and intense emotions, and I know she'll do the same during her time on BiP. But, if you were hoping she'd be calling onions pomegranates and go off looking for the Mesa Verde this season, you'll probably end up disappointed. Because this week, Ashley went on a normal one-on-one with Dan, and it proved that she's actually been pretty sane all along.

Case in point: Their actual date, which was very, very normal in itself. Dinner, dancing, chatting — it was all very much like what a couple in the real world would do on a first date, and it was pretty cute to see the two of them together. They've obviously hit it off since Dan first jumped in the ambulance to help Ashley with her mystery illness at the end of Sunday night's ep, and they're so precious together.

"I don't know if he makes me feel like a woman or a child," she said during her interview. "But I like it."

Yes, that's a super Ashley S. thing to say, but it also makes a lot of sense. They were having so much fun together, and I'm glad to see that Ashley gave him the chance to see the real her, and not just the Onion Girl we know from The Bachelor. More importantly, I'm glad the edit team didn't give her a completely crazy edit, either. I was a little worried after Sunday's premiere. But, it looks like they're going to give her a chance to stand on her own this season.

And, here's hoping that after this season, Ashley secures another reality show. I would watch it all day, every day.

Image: Bob D'Amico/ABC