Ashley S. Isn't Crazy, But 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Trying Really Hard To Make Her Look It, Again

And so it begins. Within the first few minutes of Ashley S. joining Bachelor in Paradise , it was obvious that the poor girl was going to be pegged as "the crazy one" once again. On Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, Ashley S. was edited to seem like she was one onion short of a vegetable garden. In reality? This girl is unusual, she's unique, but Ashley S. is not crazy. So why is Bachelor in Paradise editing her the same way they did on The Bachelor?

Ashley S. seems to have joined this season knowing what people thought of her time on Chris' season, and it seemed like she wanted to right the wrong she received in the editing world of Bachelor Nation, but in no time, Bachelor in Paradise put quirky music behind Ashley's scenes to make it seem like she's acting strange and off.

When Ashley S. arrived to paradise, she noticed the birds behind Chris Harrison. She started observing the birds and — cue music — Ashley was officially the coo-coo girl of the season (no thanks to "off" looks Harrison throws at her). When she met up with the rest of her cast members, Kirk kindly said that he's seen Ashley S. on past seasons and is surprised she can converse normally.

Of course Ashely S. is able to converse normally, Kirk. She's a normal person. I think at this point in the franchise, it's only fair that Ashley S. receives a fair edit this time around. We all know that her onion stint on Chris' season was emphasized and dramatized a lot more than it needed to be, so at this point, the tune is getting old.

Plus, it's not fair to edit Ashley as "the crazy one" time and time again. Let's say Ashley is here for the right reason, editing her as this weird, crazy, and off person seems opportunistic and unfair. So ABC, when Ashley's letting a bird sit on her shoulder, or pointing out a crab, or being taken to the hospital, don't edit it like she's doing it because she's this ~crazy~ gal. She may be quirky, but she's no more crazy than anyone else to go on this show.

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC