Megz & Edson's Contemporary Routine On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Proves A Female Street Dancer Could Easily Win The Competition

I am just so in awe of the street dancers on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance Season 12. I mean, I always knew that the stage dancers would have no trouble impressing America through some amazing choreographed routines, but considering how little practice and preparation the street dancers received in Las Vegas week for what life would be like on the actual show, they are really stepping up big time. One of the biggest surprises of the show has to be female breaker Megz who definitely shined in Hip Hop choreography in Vegas Week, but has really started to come into her own as a well-rounded dancer week after week in the Top 20 competition. In fact Megz and Edson's Contemporary routine from Monday night's episode is just one of the performances that proves that either she or another amazing female street dancer could win SYTYCD Season 12.

Megz has proved time and time again that she is quickly improving and growing as a dancer on the SYTYCD stage, but she's not the only female street dancer to really step up. Jaja is easily one of my favorite dancers in the competition and Ariana keeps on proving her wonderful talent as well. But let's not forget about dancers like Yorelis or JJ, whose steamy and beautiful Argentine Tango on Monday night's episode was not only a hit but proved that she was more than just a "whacker."

All of the female street dancers who auditioned and made it through round after round in Vegas Week proved that this competition doesn't have to be strictly about who has the best technique versus who has the best personality. Megz has personality in spades but what makes her and female street dancers like JaJa so incredible special is that they want to work their butts off to get the technique right. They want to go above and beyond which is why they actually achieve that goal. Even Nigel called Megz and Jaja powerhouses on the show, and he's absolutely right. Not only are they amazing in their own style, they are powerhouses in their work ethic, their passion and their need to be better. For the first time, it's becoming more and more likely that we will see a female street dancer getting crowned America's Favorite Dancer.

Images: Screenshot/FOX