Asaf Goes Home On 'So You Think You Can Dance,' As The Judges Finally Make The Right Call

Finally. Over the last few weeks of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, I have been hard on some of the street dancers and whether or not they belong in the Top 20. Thankfully I've been proven wrong on many occasions, but I still maintain that breaker Asaf was not yet ready to be in the competition. The self proclaimed "Hebrew Breaker" is definitely ridiculously skilled in his b-boy style. In fact, I think he's one of the better breakers that we've seen in recent seasons. But he never really picked up choreography and he never really seemed confident while dancing any style that wasn't breaking. But for some reason, the judges saved Asaf from elimination over Burim. And yet when he was unable once again to prove his worth, it was finally time: Asaf was sent home on Monday night's episode. And while the judges made the right decision, I'm still upset they didn't make this decision one week prior.

Whether you enjoyed Asaf's time on the show much more than I did, it's undeniable that Burim was picking up choreography and generally doing better in the competition than Asaf. So when both breakers were in the bottom three Street dancers, it seemed obvious that Burim would get the judges' save, especially after his wonderful Afro Jazz routine. And yet, Asaf got the save despite his abysmal Cha Cha routine. But the fans and judges couldn't delay the inevitable further as Asaf went home alongside Marissa (sadly).

I still can't understand why Asaf was saved over Burim. Did the judges believe he would bring more eyeballs to the television? Did they truly believe he had been improving faster than Burim? Sure, Asaf's Jazz performance with Kate on Monday night's episode was much much better than his Cha Cha routine. But even in the rehearsal video with Kate and the choreographer Shawn Cheesman, Kate was in tears over the worry that Asaf wouldn't be there for her in lifts and in the dance overall.

Asaf made it work in the end, but the effort was too little too late. I don't think Asaf is a bad dancer, he made it as far as he possibly could in the competition which is commendable. But now it's time to get serious as any one of the dancers left has a fantastic chance of winning the title of America's Favorite Dancer.

Images: Screenshot/FOX