The 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Disagree On Meghan's Motherhood, & It's Only The Beginning

There's no love like a mother's love, at least that's something the Real Housewives of Orange County might think. On Monday, the women did what they do best — disagree — over the topic of RHOC 's newest housewife Meghan King Edmonds getting upset that she can't call her stepchildren her own kids. This time around, though, all of the women except for Meghan seemed to see the argument the same way, and something tells me this is just the beginning of this disagreement.

According to Meghan, she feels like her stepchildren are her own children. She hates that she is constantly reminded that they aren't her biological children, which caused a few raised eyebrows with the other women. "Well, you're not [their mother]," Tamra point-blank says to her. For Tamra, it's a bit of a sore topic — which Heather pointed out later on at dinner. Tamra has gone through a nasty divorce with Simon, and an even nastier custody battle. She was definitely projecting her feelings onto Meghan as "the stepmother," of her own children, but I don't necessarily blame her.

Meghan did share that she wants her own children, but also tells the ladies that they don't understand what it's like to be a stepmother. None of them have been a stepmother, so they don't know the love Meghan says she feels for Jimmy's children. Vicki says that Meghan's opinions are disrespectful to mothers. Overall, the general consensus is that Meghan's love won't be the same love as a biological mother's love.

It's kind of a tough subject to take an opinion on, because I feel like each case is different. No one knows what Meghan is feeling for Jimmy's children, so no one can judge her when she says that she feels like she loves them as much as a biological mother would. With that said, Meghan hasn't been in the situation of being a biological mother, so maybe she'll learn down the road that there is a difference if she and Jimmy ever have kids together.

The good news is, there's still plenty of time to think about how you feel on this topic, since it looks like the women will not let the conversation go while on vacation — thanks to the preview — which also means it will also be a highly talked about topic at the reunion. So get your notepads ready and pick a side, because this is "taking down the Beadors"-sized drama all over again.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo