Benedict Cumberbatch Teases 'Sherlock' Season 3 Changes & Now We're Even More Excited

Sherlock's UK premiere inches ever closer (and the US premiere's not long after that), which means that while we wait impatiently for these last few weeks to pass we will be paying more attention than ever to every time Martin Freeman and/or Benedict Cumberbatch mention their Sherlock characters throughout their The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug press tour. We already paid a lot of attention, but prepare for more. This time around it's Benedict Cumberbatch's teasing of where the Sherlock Holmes and John Watson relationship lies upon their reunion in the premiere.

"You get to see that Sherlock isn't dead, obviously," he said in an interview with MTV about what we can expect from episode one of the third series. "He did survive, as we sort of knew. You get to see where John (Freeman) is. From my point of view, John is in a completely different place. As far as he's concerned, Sherlock has been dead for two years and he's moved on. He has someone else in his life."

This isn't exactly new information, but as we near the premiere dates both stars are talking more openly — basically as much as they can without being hunted down by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat for spilling spoilers — about the coming season. For instance, we've been theorizing on John Watson's post-Reichenbach mental state for literally years, but actually hearing them talk about it is refreshing. That someone else they're mentioning is (spoiler alert? But these books are 120 years old, guys, come on) Mary Morstan, being played by Martin Freeman's real-life partner Amanda Abbington. And things are gettin' all kinds o' serious. As Freeman noted in a different interview with MTV, "He's fallen in love and so you see him in that state of mind, and he's put his friend behind him. And now, sparks fly, I tell you!" Those are the sounds of thousands of fan-people writhing in anticipation.