Rihanna's Latest Bikini Is Epic

Rihanna was back in her native Barbados and she made the most of her time, enjoying a local holiday in style. For the 2015 Crop Over Festival, Rihanna donned an embellished bikini with lots of bling, jewels, and feathers. She also wore a festive headdress. The songstress reportedly road a float during the popular and colorful event.

The Crop Over Festival celebrates sugar cane harvest success and dates back to the 1780s.

This particular Rih-kini was easily her most epic and glorious yet and it matched the happenings and the mood of this expansive cultural event.

You might remember that Rihanna spent her weekend piling on gold everything with her simple orange bikini, showing off her inimitable swimsuit style. If you were not convinced of Rihanna's uniqueness no matter what she is wearing, her ensemble for this event will get you there.

It was more of a costume than a simple bathing suit and it had so many parts that it was a work of art.

Rihanna paired her jewelry-heavy outfit with hot pink lips, a thick choker, and layers of necklaces, which is pretty much her favorite accessory move as of late. She loves to pile on gobs of chains, bracelets, rings, you name it. More is more with Rihanna.

But it totally worked, especially for this occasion. Rihanna looked like she was having a lot of fun celebrating in her homeland.

Her top had a claw-like effect.

Rihanna was getting ready for a good time.

RiRi's headgear and her makeup were also bold, bright, and beautiful.

Feathers! Everything matched without being too matchy-matchy. The turquoise color was absolutely stunning.

She looked so gorgeous.

Her mani matched her eye shadow and her feathers. The blue hue popped against her warm skin tone.

Once again, Rihanna was stunning.

A view from the back.

Lovely ladies celebrating.


Rihanna's Instagram feed is a living, breathing, and constantly updated document of her style, her fashion, her life, and her lifestyle. It's also the window into her life.

When she lets the Rihanna Navy have this personal of a keyhole view into her world while in her native Barbados, it further connects the singer to her fans. It also opens her fans up to where she came from and offers a dose of her culture, too.

Images: Rihanna/Instagram (10)