Rihanna Piles On Gold Jewelry With Bikini

Rihanna was silent on Instagram for about a week, but she's back and making a fashion splash, proving the Tom Ford theory that Rih's IG has more influence and value than a fashion mag. Rihanna accessorized her yellow bikini with tons of gold jewelry. She piled on gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings, turning her swimsuit into a fashion statement, as opposed to something to merely lounge around in while soaking up the sun.

Kendall Jenner recently demonstrated the perfect yet simple way to accessorize a bikini with a long necklace. It was totally easy to replicate IRL. Rihanna took that concept up about 10 notches, loading up her bright yellow, triangle top bikini with long and short layers and gobs of jewelry.

So if you are all about accessories and don't see a bathing suit as something solely functional, you can get excessive as RiRi did. All you need to do is wear every single thing in your jewelry stash! Excessive accessorizing can be fun and irreverent.

Rihanna's bikini style really is unmatched. She doesn't play it safe in any realm of fashion and even makes her swimwear memorable.

Remember when she twisted up an Hermes scarf and turned it into a rebellious and makeshift bikini top?

Now she is kicking her Rih-kini style into overdrive with accessories.

I counted at least five necklaces, at least five bangles, and approximately three rings. Since layered jewelry can look like more individual pieces, I can't quite keep count. But numbers are immaterial. Rihanna made a bikini all fashion-forward and that's all that matters.

Want to copy this look? Here's the formula. Proceed to layer up without any rhyme or reason. That bracelet you haven't worn since 2010? Throw it on with the one you bought last week (and like six others)!

The singer has been going for the gold as of late, even when doing something other than sunning herself.

Her Rih-kini style always come with a full complement of accessories. In this case, it also came with headgear.

Her shades matched her hair.

Belly chains and rings are Rihanna's fave ways to kick up a bikini.

Obviously, Rihanna's bikini style falls in line with her overall style. That is, it's unexpected, rebellious, trendsetting, and doesn't always make sense. But it looks fab!

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Images: Rihanna/Instagram (5)