Obama Actually Did Live With That Uncle

Contrary to former 2011 reports, President Obama did live with his uncle Onyango Obama, the White House revealed Thursday. Onyango Obama has been undergoing an immigration trial that could have led to his deportation. Instead, he was ultimately granted a permanent resident status this week. This matters: when you're going to put the president's uncle on trial for a drunken driving incident arrest — and when that uncle has also been unlawfully staying in the country since 1970 — you need to avoid any chance of preferential treatment.

In 2011, the White House released a statement declaring that President Obama had no record of ever meeting Uncle Onyango. It turns out that the White House press office had not closely investigated the matter (or even asked President Obama) before announcing this two years ago — which explains the kerfuffle Thursday over its new announcement. (Which was made, for you conspiracy theorists out there, minutes before Nelson Mandela was confirmed dead.)

Just this past Tuesday, at his deportation hearing, Uncle Obama said that President Obama had stayed with him a couple of weeks in Massachusetts before starting Harvard Law School — a statement which must've taken the entire court by surprise.

Can you spell A-W-K-W-A-R-D?

In any case, this probably isn't the most embarrassing political gaffe that's happened so far this year. According to the White House, Uncle Obama's case was handled “without any interference from the president or the White House.”

But of course, the conservative part of the Internet is having its heyday, and twisting this event to showcase President Obama as a liar.

In the meantime, the rest of us can grieve and reflect on something even more important: the death of the great Nelson Mandela.