SmartGlamour's Latest Campaign Tackles Sizing

by Melodi Erdogan

Clothing should not be designed with just a few sizes or body types in mind, and that's exactly what Mallorie Carrington of SmartGlamour is proving with her latest #SameSizeDifferentEyes campaign. The size inclusive brand photographed pairs of women wearing the same articles of clothing to demonstrate how different the pieces looked on each and everyone's unique body — despite the women technically being the same size. From size S to L to 3XL, six beautiful models (including Carrington herself) wore SmartGlamour pieces next to a woman of the same size, owning their unique differences and individual bodies along the way.

What this photo series truly showcases is that bodies are meant to look different from one another, even when they are wearing the exact same dress in the exact same size. Considering we are all built differently and have unique figures, that's more than OK. No matter our basic measurements or the numerical size we're wearing, we should not (and don't have to) be defined by the tag in our jeans.

As Carrington wrote in her #SameSizeDifferentEyes blog post, women are often undereducated on how sizing charts work, or even how pieces are made. "I am never surprised when a woman attaches too much importance to the number on her tag — but I am here to change it," she noted.

Even though many mainstream retailers will probably continue to use confusing size charts, it's body positive brands like SmartGlamour that really place importance on everyone's unique proportions and builds.

Should you want to opt for customization, Carrington will take your measurements into account and offer individual fits for the beautiful dresses, skirts, halter tops, and more to perfectly fit you and your unique figure. Every single item in SmartGlamour's online shop is also available in extended sizes, from XXS to 6XL. Since another one of the brand's goals is to be accessible to everyone, the pieces are also extremely affordable, with the majority of garments ranging from $25 to $70.

The #SameSizeDifferentEyes campaign falls in line with the rest of SmartGlamour's efforts to be an accessible, size inclusive clothing line that provides encouragement and empowerment to women. Carrington's admirable mission is to help customers accept and embrace their bodies as well as "cut away at women on women hate that stems from insecurity and the belief that beauty and brains can not go hand in hand," as noted in SmartGlamour's About page.

At the end of the day, Carrington sums things up pretty well in her blog post. "Try to remember that the number on your size tag does not equate your worth, beauty, intelligence, or drive. It’s just a number," she wrote.

You can say that again.

Images: Courtesy of Mallorie Carrington/Smart Glamour