Fans Launch #AaliyahForMAC Campaign In Hopes The Cosmetic Brand Will Honor The Late Singer

It's been nearly 15 years since Aaliyah died in a plane crash back in August 2001 and we lost the promising talent at the tender age of 22. Fans haven’t forgotten her and they are now rallying for MAC Cosmetics to create an Aaliyah makeup collection. They have launched a social media campaign and petition to try and get it to happen.

If you recall, fans of the late singer Selena lobbied for a MAC collection celebrating the Latin beauty and now, MAC x Selena is happening! So there is something to be said for social media support such as this.

Aaliyah was an absolutely stunning and talented woman and she is certainly deserving of her own MAC series. The brand should certainly consider it.

While I understand that MAC cannot respond to every single fanbase pushing for a collection dedicated to their favorite star, Aaliyah is worthy of the honor, since she was so on the rise at time of her passing.

According to the petition page, Aaliyah's brother Rashad Houghton said the singer was a MAC fan. Her family also approves of such an endeavor, with all of her favorite products listed along with the petition. They certainly are trying to make it easy for the brand to hop on board.

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Aaliyah's life was cut short way too soon and this would be a lovely way to celebrate her.

With the 15th anniversary of her death coming up in 2016, it seems like the right time. Why not bring her legacy back into the spotlight and put it in front of this generation in a beautiful way?

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Missy Elliott, who was once a MAC Viva Glam spokesmodel during her heyday, showed her support of the MAC x Aaliyah posthumous range of products by retweeting the following.

The petition even boasts faux MAC promos touting an Aaliyah x MAC range.

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The Aaliyah fanbase is certainly a creative and enterprising bunch. For that, I applaud them!

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Here's to hoping that the powers-that-be at MAC are listening. There are plenty of options for a limited edition set of products. Perhaps a nude gloss and shimmery neutral shadow combo nodding to the singer's signature? It's a pairing that still resonates today.

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