Kim Was Way Different On Her First 'RHOA' Ep

When I first started watching Real Housewives of Atlanta , I wasn't sure what to expect from Kim Zolciak. She was a token white, blonde woman in a cast full of African American women. I had no idea how she was going to fit into the show until I finished watching the first episode. That is when I realized that she was one of the ladies who was going to make the show a success and I found her to be extremely captivating. Not only did she bring a unique perspective to her cast, but she was really an individual in the most general sense. Kim is beyond amusing and clearly fated to be a reality television star. Even with her growth and change throughout the years, Kim continues to entertain her fans. Sadly, she is no longer a cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta so we don't get to see her in that atmosphere anymore. Luckily, Kim Zolciak has her own spin off series on Bravo called Don't Be Tardy which centers around her endearing family. Nevertheless, I will always view her as one of the Real Housewives in my heart.

That in mind, it's pretty interesting to see how much Kim has progressed from her first episode of RHOA to her last. She is far from the same woman we met on RHOA's pilot episode, but when it comes down to it she is still that wine drinking, wig wearing, gem that we have loved from the start.

1. She Went From Dating A Married Man To Being A Married Woman

When we first met Kim on RHOA, she was in a relationship with mysterious, married man known as "Big Papa." It was believed that he was some sort of celebrity, but that was never confirmed. Either way, he had no issue financing Kim's lavish lifestyle. When she ended her time on the series, she was pregnant with her first son and happily engaged to future husband Kroy Biermann.

2. She Started As A Single Mother Of Two And Ended Up Raising A Big Family

At the beginning, it was Kim and her two daughters against the world. When she was far along in her pregnancy with her first son and was looking forward to expanding her family even further. Today, the reality TV mom has six kids.

3. She Had Short-Lived Lesbian Relationship

At some point in between her relationship with the notorious Big Papa and Kroy Bierman, Kim was in a relationship with DJ Tracy Young. I know that this doesn't exactly fall under the description of "changes from first episode to last," but it was an unexpected occurrence along the way in her journey. Immediately after this relationship, Kim met Kroy at a charity event and the rest was history.

4. She Went From Being Nene's BFF To Being On The Outs With The Cast

When the show started, Kim and Nene were the only cast members who actually hung out with each other outside of the group events. They were partners in crime until things seriously went south, resulting in Kim sending an infamous text message where she called Nene "a low budget b*tch." Aside from Nene, Kim had friendships with the other cast members, but she ended the show being at odds with just about everyone she was once friends with including another former BFF Kandi Burruss.

5. She Wanted To Be A Country Singer... And Then Recorded Three Dance Songs

In the beginning of the show, Kim talked about her interest in being a country singer. This dream morphed along the way with her recording some synth-heavy dance tracks. Her song "Tardy for the Party" became a personal favorite of mine and she also had two other songs: "Google Me" and "Love Me First." Her music career was a point of contention for her and fellow cast member Kandi Burruss who felt that Kim did not give her enough credit or compensation for helping Kim record her tracks.

6. She Went From Wearing Wigs To Trying To Sell Them

As far as I know, Kim's wig line hasn't come to fruition, but it sure did get a lot of publicity on the show. Kim's insistence on wearing wigs became her signature move. The wigs were like another character on the show. They were so famous that Kim wanted to try and capitalize on her association with the hair pieces by trying to create her own line, a process that was documented on RHOA.

7. She Went From Being At The Center Of The Drama To Moving Past It All

Back in the day, Kim was at the center of every episode. Whether she was involved some drama or spewing out a hilarious quote, she really made each episode enjoyable and entertaining. After a while, she grew tired of all the controversy and was very happy in her life with Kroy and their growing family. She went from living for the conflict to rising above it and quitting the show during a lunch with the ladies in the middle of taping the season.

Kim left the show at a point where it really did all it could for her. She departed from RHOA a stronger, happier, woman than when she started. She went from being a single mom of two to really having it all while being the best possible version of herself.

Images: RealityTVGifs/Tumblr (8)