John Stamos Is "Doing Great" Post-Rehab Says His 'Fuller House' Co-Star Candace Cameron Bure

Being that Full House was a huge part of many of our childhoods — and, let's face it, still a huge part our adulthoods, too — it was heartbreaking to find out that John Stamos entered rehab earlier this summer, following his DUI arrest. It's so sad to think that the man I still affectionately refer to as Uncle Jesse was struggling with substance abuse, even if he did do the responsible thing by recognizing he has a problem and getting help for it, and all before the Netflix reboot of Full House started shooting. There is a happy ending, though! While talking to Huffpost Live this week, his co-star, Candace Cameron Bure, said that Stamos is "doing great" after getting out of rehab.

According to Bure, Stamos was in touch with the cast while he was in rehab and kept them updated on his progress, and now that he's out, it sounds like he's doing better than ever.

He is so fantastic! He’s doing really great… He just came right onto the set, and it was like we lost no time… The Full House cast is my family… So yes, [John and I are] on the phone all the time, texting, all the time. John texted us pictures while he was away, and just said, "Hey, I’m doing great," and we communicated through the whole thing. And he really is [great]. So, I will do anything for them. They’re as close as my own mom and dad and husband and children.

It's good to hear that Stamos is doing so well, and that he has such a solid support system in his Fuller House co-stars. After knowing each other for more than two decades, it's sweet that they've all stayed so close for so long — and even sweeter that they're coming back together to bring all of our '90s TV dreams to life again.

Next up: The return of Uncle Jesse on Netflix next year. I'm so ready.