5 Different Eyeshadow Brushes And How To Use Them

by Emily McClure

Wondering how you can transform your average eye makeup look into something amazing? Try choosing a different eye shadow brush. Being able to pick out the right eye shadow brush can dramatically change your overall look. If you're wondering how much of a difference the right brush can really make, try comparing it to choosing the right tool to cook with. You can't cut a tomato without a knife, and you can't blend out eyeshadow without a crease brush. Well, you probably can, but it's best to stick with the necessary tools. Having the right brushes is essential when create an #onfleek eye shadow look.

Having the proper tools doesn't just improve your overall eye makeup look, but it also is a timer saver as well. When you use the right brush, it dramatically lessens the amount of time that you spend applying the shadow. How great is that? Brushes can absolutely make or break a makeup look, so it's best to learn how to use yours correctly. Just a few simple tricks can turn you from a makeup newbie to a masterful eye shadow artist. Wondering what brushes will give you the best look? Here are a few tricks to choosing the right eye shadow brush for your desired makeup look.

For Blending Shadows

When it comes to blending eye shadow, looks for the fluffiest brush you can find. Having a fluffy blending brush means that the bristles are farther apart, and less dense. This means that you can blend your shadows with ruining the overall look. Another trick is to keep your hand towards the end of the brush (away from the bristles). This hand placement allows you to have a lighter touch when blending, which allows the shadows to be diffused rather than buffed away.

Sigma E40 Brush, $16,

For Packing On Glitter

Adding glitter to your eyeshadow look? Use a sponge tip applicator! Glitter can be extremely hard to wash out of brushes, so it's best to use a disposable applicator. This way you can load up the glitter without ruining any of your brushes.

E.L.F. Disposable Sponge Tip Applicators, $3,

For A Cut-Crease

Wanting to create a trendy cut-crease look. Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply the eyeshadow. This type of brush gives you the perfect line every time.

BH Cosmetics Brush 21, $3,

For Mono-Lids

For those who have monolids, you can create natural dimension with a tapered blending brush. By using a brush that is tapered towards the tip allows the user to fake a natural curve to the eyelid. Use the brush to contour where your eye socket dips to create a perfect crease every time.

BH Cosmetics Brush 30, $3,

For Vibrant Shadows

Looking to get more pigmentation out of your eyeshadow? One of my favorite tricks is to wet a synthetic shader brush. This trick packs on the shadow to create a more vibrant look.

Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush, $26,

It might not seem like a huge difference, but picking out the right brush can make things a little bit easier for yourself and that's what we're all going for at the end of the day, right?

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