'The Sims' 'Big Brother 17' Episode 5: 2 Houseguests Come Back To Life & The Ghost Sims Are Waffle-Eating Machines

Previously on The Sims Big Brother 17: Six Sim houseguests left the BB17 house for the Sim great beyond; after the Sim Grim Reaper scooped up the Sim houseguests, he made a friend; Sim Vanessa planted herself somewhere between the first story and the second and refused to budge. You can check out the fourth installment of The Sims Big Brother 17 here.

Strange things are afoot in The Sims Big Brother 17 house. If I thought last week's sleep-floating incident was weird, this week kicked things up about 98 weird notches: Due to a glitch (I think?), some dearly departed Sims returned (unfortunately, their return — spoiler alert! — didn’t last long); Sim Vanessa continued to block a door while lurking around in between-the-floors limbo; multiple appliances went on the fritz; I set up a poolside graveyard; and Ghost Sims could not stop wolfing down waffles.

You read that first point correctly: DEAD SIMS CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD. No, I'm not talking about the Ghost Sims. I'm talking about the two Sims who passed away last week only to return to the house in their corporeal form this week. How it happened is beyond Sim Big Brother/me.

Warning: This week's highlight roundup is pretty spooky. Proceed with caution.

The Moment When I Returned To The Game To See A Stunned Sim Liz Still Standing Among The Urns Of Sim Houseguests:

Hold on a sec, I thought. Are we missing two urns? Huh. Oh, they must be out on the Sky Bridge. Could you imagine if two urns disappeared into thin air? That'd be wild!

The Moment When Sim Vanessa Continued To Barricade This Door:

I could've used the move tool in Build Mode to relocate her, but I didn't. I was too curious to see how this would play out.

The Moment When Sim Vanessa Continued To Hang Out Somewhere Between Floor One And Floor Two:

Why can't I see her when I toggle down to the first floor? Like, is there something wrong with my game?


In last week's installment, Sim Shelli was one of the six houseguests who hitched a ride with the Sim Grim Reaper. But apparently, she became un-dead. It's as if she never actually died, but I know she died because I saw it happen with my own two eyes. I thought took a screencap of all six urns, but I didn't (don't give me that look; I'm well aware I dropped the ball). And now I'm having a serious "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN" moment. But I know it happened. I counted six urns. I know I did. This game is making me question my sanity.

Anyway, I don't know how or why she came back, but I was happy to see her again.


I watched Sim Jeff leave with the Sim Grim Reaper! I was really happy that the Sim Grim Reaper returned two of the houseguests, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaked out.

The Moment When Sim Shelli Thought About The Buffet Table:

Oh! Maybe the game allowed her to return from the dead because she promised she figured out how the buffet table works! Maybe this means she'll finally go grab a plate of cookies!

The Moment When Sim Shelli Stopped Thinking About The Buffet Table:

False alarm.

The Moment When Sim Shelli Started Thinking About A Trophy:

OK, weirdo.

The Moment When Sim Jeff Vanished From The Sky Bridge:

Seriously, what the heck is going on with this game? HE WAS RIGHT THERE *points to the spot where Sim Jeff was standing* JUST A SECOND AGO.

The Moment When The Sim Grim Reaper Swung By The House Again And Snatched Up Sim Jeff (Again):

Rest in peace again, Sim Jeff. I may never know how you teleported downstairs.

The Moment When The Sim Grim Reaper Snatched Up Sim Shelli (Again):

Rest in peace again, Sim Shelli.

The Moment When Even The Sim Grim Reaper Was Bummed Out About All Of The Deaths:

Tough day at the office, the Sim Grim Reaper?

The Moment When Sim Narcissa The Paparazzo Returned To The House With A Friend:


The Moment When I Found Out Sim Narcissa's Friend Was Another Paparazzo Named SIM JASON?!?!?!!?!?!?

Uh, excuse me? I'm fairly certain Sim Jason is most definitely no longer alive.

The Moment When I Checked To Make Sure Sim Jason's Urn Was Still In The Temporary Bedroom:

See the urn closest to the door? That's Sim "Paparazzo Standing Outside The BB17 House" Jason's urn. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

The Moment When Sim Jason The Paparazzo And His Partner In Crime Sprinted Away From The House In Different Directions:

Did Sim Jason FAKE HIS DEATH and become a paparazzo? Is he trying to expose Sim Big Brother/me? Should I hire a Sim lawyer?

The Moment When Sim Jace Grieved The Most Recent Deaths The Only Way He Knew How:

Let it out, buddy.

The Moment When Sim Audrey Sat On An Invisible Chair:

I can't. I'm going to throw in the towel. This stuff is even too strange for—

Oh, Just Kidding. There's A Chair There:

Should I have my The Sims 3 CD-ROM inspected?

The Moment When The Sim Houseguests Went Swimming Next To The New BB17 Graveyard:

A swim among the tombstones.

The Moment When Sim Vanessa Continued To Stand In Front Of This Door:

She's nothing if not dependable, that Sim Vanessa.

The Moment When The Sim Grim Reaper Stopped By To Collect Sim Vanessa And Sim Jace Stepped Over Sim Vanessa:

Way harsh, Sim Jace.

The Moment When Sim Jackie And the Sim Grim Reaper Chatted It Up Like The Old Pals They Are:

Who knew the Sim Grim Reaper has pet fish?

The Moment When I Realized Both The Trash Compactor And The Dishwasher Were Broken:

As if I didn't have enough on my plate already.

The Moment When I The Horrendous State Of The Countertop Made Me Gag:

These Sims are heathens.


Why is the wood a shade (or seven) darker? WHAT DID THOSE SIMS DO TO THAT SECTION OF THE COUNTER?

The Moment When Some Of The Sim Houseguests Stepped Up To The Plate:

It's about time, you ingrates.

The Moment When Sim Austin Repaired The Trash Compactor:

You got this.

The Moment When Sim Da'Vonne Repaired The Dishwasher:

You got this.

The Moment When The Ghost Sims Began To Stir:

Oh, I am READY for this.

The Moment When Ghost Sim Meg Moseyed On Over To The Fridge:

So NOW you understand how to get food from the refrigerator?

The Moment When Ghost Sim Meg Started Cooking:

Only in death did these Sims make themselves at home.

The Moment When Ghost Sim Steve And Ghost Sim John Chatted While They Ate Waffles Prepared By Ghost Sim Meg:

I love this Ghost Sim party.

The Moment When Ghost Sim John And Ghost Sim Steve Continued To Chat 'N' Eat:

What a nice moment. Consider my heart warmed.

The Moment When The Ghost Sims Went For Another Round Of Waffles:

Do what you gotta do, Ghost Sims! I won't stop you.

The Moment When I Realized That No Matter How Many Plates Of Waffles The Ghost Sims Shove Down Their Gullets, They'll Stay Famished:

Oh. Oh no. This is tragic. They'll never be full. They'll be hungry ghosts forever. The Sim afterlife is so cruel.

The Moment When Ghost Sim Meg Threw Yet Another Batch Of Waffles In The Oven:

This is so sad.

This Is Quite The Sisyphus-esque Mess. It's Simsyphus:

They'll be rolling that waffle boulder up the hungry hill forever.

The Moment When Even More Waffles Happened:

I can't watch this for another moment. This is so upsetting.

The Moment When Ghost Sim Steve And Ghost Sim John Passed Out In The Temporary Bedroom And Sim Liz Didn't React:

Hey, Sim Liz. A word of advice: follow the Ghost Sims' leads.

The Moment When Sim Jackie Helped Herself To Some Of Ghost Sim Meg's Waffles:

She ate ghost waffles. SHE ATE GHOST WAFFLES. (Don't worry, she's fine.)

The Moment When Ghost Sim Meg Excused Herself From The Kitchen And Headed Back To The Graveyard:

Until next time, Ghost Sim Meg. I'll be sure to stock up on waffle batter. After everything I put you and your roommates through, it's the least I can do.

Next week: Who knows? Not me. Not sure if I've made it clear yet, but I'm no longer the one sailing this nightmare.

Images: The Sims/EA Games (42); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (42)