'The Sims' 'BB17' Has Spiraled Out Of Control

Previously on The Sims Big Brother 17: Houseguests 9-16 turned their noses up at the food I put on the buffet table, some thirsty joker named Gobias wouldn't stop calling Sim Becky, and Sim Austin fell caught some Zs in the temporary bedroom. You can check out the third installment of The Sims Big Brother 17 here.

Ooh, boy. Where do I begin? I suppose I will cut right to the chase: I am not happy about what happened this week. Someone snatched the reins away from Sim Big Brother/me, and that someone was the Sim Grim Reaper. I fully intended in going through with the first eviction ceremony this week. But then, tragedy struck. Things flew off the rails. I was powerless to put an end to the madness.

If all hadn't gone awry, here's how I would've gone about the eviction: I would nominate a Sim houseguest for eviction if they used the floor as a toilet, burned food in the oven, left a pile of garbage in their wake, broke an appliance, et cetera. The first two houseguests out of houseguests 1-8 to leave a dirty dish unwashed or forget bathrooms exist would wind up on the chopping block (who has two thumbs and is sick of cleaning up after these Sim goblins? Sim Big Brother/me). And then, I'd make the two Sims play a game of chess. The Sim who increased their Logic level first would get to stay in the Sim BB17 house. The other Sim would be evicted. Houseguests 9-16 would not be in danger of eviction. (I figured they’d been through enough already.)

All of my planning was for naught; the game had something else in mind for houseguests 9-16. I do not feel good about what transpired. Enough stalling. Let's get this trip down Morbid Memory Lane over with.

The moment when I returned to the game only to find everything was exactly as I left it:

Sim Austin? Still sleeping in the temporary bedroom. Houseguests 9-16? Still adamant that the BB17 house is not their home.

The moment when I realized Sim Austin was floating between the first and second story:


The moment when I noticed the hot tub was completely empty:

I don't think I've ever seen that hot tub completely sans Sim. Something must be up.

The moment when I found out what was up with the hot tub:

Aha! The jacuzzi is broken. Whoever did this is up for eviction! Anybody want to come clean?

The moment when I put the buffet table back in the kitchen:

Houseguests 9-16 made it very clear that they weren't interested in the buffet, so I went ahead and moved the table to a room where it'd be appreciated.

The moment when I noticed Sim Jackie removing a plate of burnt waffles from the oven:

Why would you attempt to bake waffles when there's a buffet table to pick at? Consider yourself up for eviction!

The moment Sim Jackie left the plate of burnt waffles on the ground:

Oh, you're going to burn some waffles and refuse to wash that dish? You're REALLY up for eviction.

The moment when I noticed Sim Audrey eating the burnt waffles:


The moment when Sim Audrey finished every last burnt waffle:

I tried to stop her, but I was no match.

The moment when Sim Clay mistook the floor for a toilet:

Come on, Sim Clay. Don't do it.

The moment when Sim Clay did it:

Up. For. Eviction.

The moment when I checked on houseguests 9-16:

And no, I have not figured out a way to add houseguests 9-16 to the active household. The cheat code message boards let me down.

The moment when I noticed Sim Jeff and Sim Liz had fused together:

Seriously, what is going on in this house?

The moment when I noticed Sim Jeff's arm had become a part of Sim Liz's torso:

Stuff is getting mad weird in here.

The moment when I spotted Sim Vanessa hanging out in the outdoor room:

Hey! She left the Sky Bridge all by herself! Maybe she's finally accepted the Sim BB17 house as her own!

The moment when I switched to the ground floor level:

Uh, hold up. WHERE'S SIM VANESSA? Is that her shadow? Is she floating? Why is everyone floating and fusing together? What's happening?

The moment when I stopped worrying about the floating Sims:

Oh, no. No no no no no no no. NO NO NO NO NO. This isn't supposed to happen. I know houseguests 9-16 haven't eaten in days, but they weren't supposed to die.

The moment when I saw the scythe for the first time:

Eesh. The Sim Grim Reaper isn't pulling any punches.

The moment when I locked eyes with the Sim Grim Reaper for the first time:

Within a matter of seconds, Sim Jason, Sim Jeff, Sim John, Sim Meg, Sim Shelli, and Sim Steve were gone. I failed to save them. I am a failure of a Sim Big Brother.

The moment when the ghost of Sim Meg appeared:

This took a turn for the spooky.

The moment when Sim Audrey, Sim Austin, Sim Becky, Sim Clay, Sim Da’Vonne, Sim Jace, Sim Jackie, Sim James, and Sim Liz wondered who would be the Sim Grim Reaper's next target:


The moment when Sim Jackie and the Sim Grim Reaper gabbed like old friends:

Maybe Sim Jackie will convince Sim Grim Reaper to bring back her roommates? A Sim Big Brother can dream!

The moment Sim Jackie and the Sim Grim Reaper made a memory:

Cool. Will be sure to add it to the scrapbook.

The moment when Sim Liz stood next to the urns in stunned silence:

I feel you, Sim Liz.

The moment when Sim Vanessa realized what happened in the temporary bedroom:

I... I think it's best that we hold off on the evictions for now. Sorry, Sim Jackie and Sim Clay. You won't be playing chess after all.

Next week: Given that the Sim Grim Reaper snatched up six houseguests in one fell swoop, I'm going to put a pin in the evictions for a while. Rest in peace, Sim Jason, Sim Jeff, Sim John, Sim Meg, Sim Shelli, and Sim Steve. I'm sorry I couldn't figure out a way to get you to help yourself to stuffed turkey or autumn salad. Feel free to haunt the Sim BB17 house whenever you want.

Images: The Sims/EA Games (26); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (26)