How To Grow Out A Lob

by Lindsey Rose Black

Nothing feels better than cutting off your mid back-length hair...until you want it all back. If you're struggling with how to grow out a lob, the secret is in changing up your styling! You've got to embrace that mother nature is going to take her sweet time in growing your hair out, and consciously choose to enjoy the process. As a girl that's finally hit that just-barely-shoulder awkward length, I promise I'm in this (slow, oh so very slow) boat with you.

Whether you got the shortest of pixie cuts like Tyra Banks or went for a soft summer bob like Jessica Alba, your long locks will in fact return one day. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to update your lobbed look in the mean time. You just have to be willing to play around with styles you might not have previously ever considered trying. But that's the fun of hair!

And hey, if you really are just miserable while growing your hair out, there is one way out: extensions. You can choose natural ones like Meghan Trainor's extensions, or have fun with colored extension clip-ins a la Demi Lovato. Since extensions can be pretty damaging to your hair, though, I would opt for the suggestions below first!

1. Side Bangs

Give yourself some T-Swift side bangs for a quick and simple look change.

2. Straight Across Bangs

Or go for cute straight across bangs!

3. Add Waves

Add texture and volume with soft waves like Alexa Chung.

4. Change Up The Color

Need a big change? Pop in a fun, new dye. Maybe even try #colombre?

5. Slicked Back Side Part

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Giving yourself a deep side part with hair tucked behind the ears like Michelle Williams creates a chic, dramatic look perfect for taking you from work to date night.

6. Cut In Some Layers

For added volume and texture, layers are a great choice!

7. Embrace Bobby Pins

If you're craving a top knot, it's not out reach. Put your hair in a bun, and just pin the heck out of the pieces that fall out. If you tuck them well, no one will ever know.

Image Credit: Getty; ModaMob, ChungAlexa, TaylorSwift, LustForWords, kellielopez, BritneyKlotz, hellokellystuckey/instagram