Why "Colombre" Is The Sickest New Hair Trend

by Lindsey Rose Black

The hair color trends in 2015 just keep getting better and better. The hot new colombre hair trend, the love child of ombré and the rainbow, is currently taking over Instagram, according to Popsugar. Whether you want to add one color or, like, 15, this is the ultimate creative style for anyone brave enough to try it!

Boldly colored hair is the thing right now, and colombre joins a slew of popular looks emerging recently. The half-and-half hair dye is definitely still having a moment, along with cool pixelated hair dye and metallic silver hair dye looks. All of them are worth trying, but as someone who has rocked the colombre herself, I love that look the most.

In my personal experience with it, the best part of colombre is how the colored dye continues to look beautiful as it fades. Because the color is mixed into the bottom half of your hair, there's no root touch-ups to deal with. Plus, a topknot with a pop of color is basically the best thing ever.

Below are some serious Instagram inspirations if you're considering trying out the lovely look for yourself. I obviously won't be the one to stop you.

1. The "I'm Indecisive And Want Them All"

2. A Kiss Of Rose

3. Sunshine On High

4. Lavender Goddess

5. Aqua Mermaid (OK yes, this is me, and I LOVED this color)

6. Sleek And Subtle Silver

7. Deep Red Glam

8. The Cream Of The Crop

9. The Rainbow Bright

10. The Underlights

11. The Unicorn Chaser

12. The Subtle Rainbow

13. The Muted Spectrum

What are you waiting for? Get some bleach, Manic Panic, and do it!

Image Credit: alyshanett, HairByChristina, LaceMarie, HairByMissKellYO, Tami_Oh, RoseEatsPlants, HairLingerie, uniqueyani.mua , princess56, miss_kookee, godwindesigninc, francesabeaverhousen, keekadock, ajcakes/Instagram