How Many Episodes Are In 'Playing House' Season 2?

Mazels to us all! Tuesday night on ABC marks the miraculous return of Playing House. How many episodes are in Playing House Season 2? The sitcom, which stars Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, will have eight new episodes in 2015. That's two less than their first season, but who's counting? The show was resurrected faster than Jon Snow on the power of fans and critics alone. It's an awesome success story that we don't get that often in television, so I'm pumped for whatever happens next.

Plus, based on what they've got cooking, Season 2 is going to be jammer-packed. If you haven't caught up, and Season 1 is OnDemand right now so you better, the series is about two best friends named Maggie and Emma who decide to raise a baby together after Maggie's husband Bruce is caught in a serious (and bizarre) online relationship. Emma is estranged from the small town life she grew up in, so settling back isn't so simple. In Season 2, the baby is finally born and we get to see how Maggie and Emma's plan plays out.

There are also some amazing guest stars for Playing House Season 2 — including Darius Rucker and Kenny Loggins! The other guest star appearance to get pumped for is Drew and Jonathan Scott, also known as The Property Brothers. They'll appear in Maggie's first post-pregnancy sex dream. First of all, you don't see too many women fantasizing about twin men on television — it's usually the other way around. Kudos! Second, the scene sounds absolutely hilarious. Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair described the tight wardrobe and grassroots organizing it took to make this dream come true on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Take a look.

Speaking of sex dreams, another thing to get jazzed about in Playing House Season 2 is more shipping. I don't know what to say to all the Emma and Mark fans out there, but I do know that this season on Playing House , Emma has a boyfriend who causes some conflicts in her friendship with Maggie. Playing House is show is about a female friendship, but that doesn't mean the girls aren't playing the field as well.

We'll also see a flashback to preteen Maggie and Emma this season, more of little Charlotte's impact on other characters than her baby antics, and Maggie's bayou trucker alter-ego Bosephus alive again. So, what are you waiting for? Tune into USA for Season 2, start tweeting it up, and spread the word! You want Playing House to get a Season 3 now, don't you? If we've learned anything from this show, it's never too early to stop campaigning.

Images: Michael Yarish/USA Network; WiffleGif