Briana Reunites With Matt On 'Little Women: LA'

There's already a lot brewing this season on Little Women: LA, between Christy's attempts to conceive, Elena's quest for citizenship, and all the drama from the addition of Jasmine and Brittney. But there's one holdover from last season, and that's Briana Manson's fiance, Matt. The two split up last season after concerns from the rest of the cast convinced her that she didn't know him well enough to make such a big commitment, but Briana and Matt got back together on Little Women: LA Season 3. Surprisingly, Terra was the one to lead the charge against Matt, while the other women mostly backed her up or stayed silent.

Terra's had a limited role this season (though you can see plenty of her new family life on Terra's Little Family ), but at the end of Season 2, she and Briana were pretty cold towards one another. And while I know almost everyone in the cast is against Briana and Matt reuniting, Terra is the one mounting all of the arguments. Even for her frenemies, Terra is too passionate to keep quiet when she thinks someone she knows is making a mistake. But according to Instagram, they've been together for a year.

One outlier was new cast member Jasmine, who seems to think the relationship was romantic, and that if Briana and Matt have matching tattoos, they should be together. That seems a little thin to me, but it sounds like Jasmine is the only person who Briana is even willing to talk to anymore. Elena washed her hands of their whole relationship over this. It was actually a really sad moment, even if it seemed a bit like it came out of nowhere. I think the episode suggested that perhaps this is not the first time Briana has second-guessed her breakup with Matt, and her friends are very displeased and even tired of hearing about it.

Meanwhile the other newbie, Brittney, claims that Briana went on a date with her dad and he called her "psycho." It does seem like Briana has rushed back into this Matt relationship, but I don't think she would disagree, and she's determined to make it work between them. I just hope it doesn't ruin Briana's relationship with the rest of the cast.

Images: Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime; Lifetime.TV/Tumblr