Deadpool Is All Of Us & All Of Us Are Deadpool

Based solely on the teaser trailer, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from Deadpool, 20th Century Fox's upcoming superhero film that gives Ryan Reynolds another chance to shine as the lead in a costume after Green Lantern. However, when the official Deadpool red band trailer was released onto the Internet, it was about three minutes of pure, unfiltered awesomeness with Reynolds in what appears to be his greatest role yet since The Proposal. (Or is that just me? Just me? OK, bye...) The trailer earns its red band rating with everything from the expletive-laden music that forms the backdrop of the trailer to the hilarious and offensive jokes that fall out of Deadpool's mouth throughout to the sheer amount of blood he paints the streets with as he cleans up shop.

But, through all the snarking and bloodshed, I realized a single truth: Deadpool is basically all of us, you guys. Well, on a bad day. Not only is he pretty much what all of us would love to do if we got to be an anti-hero for a day, but he is ultimate wish fulfillment. Well, not the part where he has cancer, um, everywhere and has to undergo the intense surgery that transforms him into Deadpool to begin with, but there were 11 stand-out moments in the trailer that made me realize that Deadpool is pretty much just me.

Check out the moments below and try to disagree.

1. When He Draws His Own Comic Book

You know who would be the biggest fan of me if I was a superhero? Me. Followed by my sister. Followed by my best friend. But I would definitely be drawing my own comic until the world wised up and started drawing it for me.

2. The Part Where He Gave Up

OK, so he wasn't so much giving up as he was luring these gunmen into a false sense of security. But if you don't think I would throw my hands in the air in surrender and snark from behind the protective shield of a car if I was cornered like this, then you don't know me at all.

3. When He Can't Turn Off The Sarcasm

Whether I am sick or half-dead, whether it is appropriate or inappropriate, whether I'm on a gurney or not on a gurney, I will be a sarcastic little sh*t every single day of the week. Deadpool gets me, you guys. He gets me.

4. The Part Where His Friend Snarks At Him For Like 10 Minutes

Oh, are you an all powerful superhero who has taken the city by storm and is going to beat up the bad guys and save the day? Yeah, well, you look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado, so let's focus on that. Come on. Who among us doesn't have a friend like this? Who among us isn't this friend?

5. When He Was In Love With His Own Carnage

I mean, it's gunpowder and not, like, weed, but that apparently doesn't make a difference to Deadpool. He's saving the day, and he's loving it.

6. When Boom, Headshot

I might be getting a little bloodthirsty here, but this was my favorite part. I wish I was so badass a superhero.

7. How He Celebrates

Me, if I was a guy. Not even going to lie.

8. When He Had A Heart

It's not all snark and blood with Deadpool, you know. He has loved ones. He has a life. He has a world to protect. And so do I.

9. The Part Where He Leaves No Survivors

Trail of blood and tears in my wake? Yeah, pretty much. I'm not saying we would all be as blood-thirsty as Deadpool if we were given superpowers and lacked Batman's "no kill" policy, but I am saying he makes it look so cool that we all wish we were him.

Check out the trailer again below.

Image: YouTube (12)