Taylor Swift's Next Single Is...

Patient Swifties rejoice, because we have another Taylor Swift music video coming our way. At least, that's what I expect from the fact that Swift's next single is "Wildest Dreams," as the pop star herself announced on her Twitter Wednesday morning. The song, which many compared to those of Lana Del Rey when 1989 first came out, is another slow jam similar to "Style," and the visually stunning music videos that Swift has released from her latest album so far pretty much guarantee that we're in for another treat when it comes to this one. But what can we expect the "Wildest Dreams" music video to feature? Based on her other music videos, there are some running themes that we can definitely anticipate.

If you haven't heard "Wildest Dreams" yet, then now is your chance to get on that before it's played out on the radio, because it's one of the most sultry and haunting songs on 1989. It tells the story of an ending romance, and features such classic Swift lines as, "He's so tall and handsome as hell. He's so bad, but he does it so well." Admittedly, "Style" wasn't my favorite of all of Swift's music videos from 1989, but I'm expecting something at least similar in tone for such a song rife with mystery and allure.

But, aside from that aesthetic, here are six more running themes we can pretty much guarantee will be featured.

1. A Hot, Relatively Unknown Guy

Just kidding, Zac Efron. But, let's face it. "Style" and "Blank Space," both songs that discussed love like "Wildest Dreams," featured a smoking hot guy that left the Internet scrambling to figure out who he was so they could, you know, Google stalk him. (Cough, Sean O'Pry, cough.) I doubt "Wildest Dreams" will be anything different.

2. A Visual Masterpiece

All of Swift's music videos for this album have been gorgeous, visual works of art, from the locations to the plots to the special effects. No longer is she just singing the songs and telling a simple story; no, now the music video is like the magnum opus to the song itself. "Wildest Dreams" will definitely be more of the same.

3. Taylor Swift Herself

This seems almost silly to say, but not a single one of the music videos have had anyone but Swift front and center. It's not like she's Sia, having someone else dance amazingly in her place.

4. A Cameo Appearance

Whether it's her cats or one of her friends, Swift loves to slip cameo appearances into her music videos. Perhaps we'll be seeing more of them, especially now that she's added even more people to her squad?

5. Something Completely Different

No two Taylor Swift 1989 music videos have been anything alike, so it's really hard to figure out exactly what direction Swift will be going in for this music video. Will it be all smoke and mirrors like "Style?" Will it be a movie extravaganza like "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood?" Will it be a big band concert dance video like "Shake It Off"? The world will just have to wait to find out.

6. Symbolism

Whether she's stabbing a heart-shaped cake with blood filling or holding up the necklace she once shared with Harry Styles, Swift loves to throw pieces of symbolism into her music videos to state what she isn't going to state outright. "Wildest Dreams" is full of lyrical symbolism, so I don't see why the music video wouldn't follow that same principle. Whether Swift uses all of these running themes from her past videos, or none of them, one thing is for sure: "Wildest Dreams" is going to be amazing.

Images: totallytaylor-gifs (2), fallingfortaylor (4)/Tumblr