Harry Styles Gets Another T. Swift Shout Out

by Kadeen Griffiths

There's a difference between speculating about something and having it confirmed. That's exactly how I felt Friday morning when Taylor Swift's "Style" music video hit the Internet and, in the process, finally confirmed something that we've all suspected for a while. After all, you can't just write a song called "Style" and not expect people to think it's a reference to your ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction, OK? Well, the badly kept secret is out and Swift is either confirming it or playfully mocking us in this blink-and-you-miss-it moment from the "Style" music video. Why? Because she's holding his necklace.

That's right, you guys. "Out of the Woods" allowed us to pick up on the Haylor undertones thanks to a line that referenced "two paper airplanes flying" — i.e. the paper airplane necklaces Swift and Styles famously shared during the height of their 2012 relationship. In the "Style" music video, she takes that a step further by actually holding the necklace in her hands for a brief moment while the music video is playing. In fact, if you literally blink, you'll miss it. You get one good look and then the second time it flashes by too quickly — and never comes up again for the rest of the video.

But it gets even better, you guys. Swift has spoken at length about how the number 13 is her lucky number and how it represents so many important days in her life, including but not limited to her own birthday on December 13, but now that could be Haylor's lucky number as well. Your first eyeful of the paper airplane necklace? It happens at 0:13 seconds into the "Style" music video. I repeat: Swift was holding Styles' necklace that they once shared in her hands at the exact numerical second that is her lucky number. Is she trying to kill us? Is she trying to fuel speculation? Is she trying to kill us?

Of course, I could be reading too much into this. There's no real reason to think that this is symbolic of anything, except for how everything in the "Style" music video is symbolic of something. But for Swift to release "Style" on Friday the 13th and then slip in a reference to her former beau at second 13 in her music video for the song rumored to be about him is just way too many coincidences for me not to start reading into this. Regardless of what her intentions may be, it's clear that her relationship with the One Direction star was very important to her, important enough for it to still be meaningful two or three years later when they have both moved on. To me, that's beautiful.

Check out the music video below.

Image: YouTube