DiGiorno Pizza Live-Tweets 'Sound of Music Live' & They Totally Delivered (See What We Did There?)

When it comes to pop culture, there are plenty of times when Twitter gets annoying. When it's filled with TV spoilers, for example, or when some celebrity goes on a rant, and every single person you follow feels the need to re-tweet it. There are a few times, though, that Twitter actually proves invaluable – like when it's taken over by people hilariously live-tweeting an event that seemingly every person in America is watching. This was never truer than Thursday night with NBC's The Sound of Music Live , a highly-tweetable event that led to some of your favorite celebrities, comedians, and more taking to Twitter to express their feelings about the show. There were many amazing tweets written last night, but the best #SOML posts came from the account you'd least expect — @DiGiornoPizza.

Why a frozen pizza company decided to live-tweet a non-food related pop culture event is unknown, but we couldn't be happier that they did. DiGiorno's Sound of Music Live tweets were some of the funniest we read last night, thanks to the company's attempts to make pizza jokes out of literally every line in the musical. A few of their best (and believe us, there were plenty):

Even DiGiorno's non-pizza related #SOML jokes were amazing:

Sorry, everyone who thought your "Has Carrie Underwood even seen acting before?!" posts were strokes of brilliance, DiGiorno Pizza clearly was the king of Twitter last night. And the best part? A quick scroll through the company's account reveals that DiGiorno's Twitter is filled with pop culture gems. Whether it's campaigning for Time 's Person of the Year, comforting a stressed Miley Cyrus, or making glorious Thanksgiving puns about football, DiGiorno knows how to win at Twitter.

Domino's and Papa John's, it's time to step up your game.

Image: NBC