10 Things Only People Who Live In Albany Understand

Despite being the capital of New York, Albany typically takes a backseat to the superstar Manhattan. Sure, Manhattan is hip and flashy, whereas Albany is more laid-back and refined. It’s the demure, quieter outlet of the major New York cities. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re from Albany, or if you’ve ever lived there, you know that there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It’s not just a jumble of impressive-looking government buildings. As any Albany-dweller can tell you, once you get to know the city, it really comes out of its shell.

Albany has both truly great qualities and undeniable pitfalls. But obviously, its ups and downs are completely unique to the people who actually live there. If you were simply passing through or visiting for a weekend, you couldn’t possibly understand the way of life that bonds those who make the capital their home. Albany camaraderie is found in the simplest of ways. For example, your kind neighbor may remind you that it’s alternate-side parking, so you don’t get your third ticket that month. Without further ado, here are 10 things only people from Albany will understand.

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1. You've Spent A Disconcerting Amount Of Time At The Crossgates Mall

You walked in at noon on a summer day and left at 9 p.m. midwinter. Who can blame you, though? There's a movie theater, shopping, laser tag, and good food. Honestly, why does anyone ever leave?

2. You Know That There Are Only Two Seasons -- Winter And Summer -- And You Have The Wardrobe To Match

Repeat after me: You can never have enough coats.

3. Pearl Street Is The Mecca Of Bars

Repeat after me: There's no place like Pearl Street. There's no place like Pearl Street. *Clicks heels*

4. On A Hot Summer Day, You've Taken A Dip In UAlbany's Fountain

It is a pretty dope fountain.

5. You Think It's Totally Normal To Have A Major Arena That Looks Like (And Is Named After) A Breakfast Food

The Egg. Great with both bacon and major performers.

6. You've Spent Many A Night (And Morning) At City Beer Hall

You get a ticket for FREE pizza with your beer purchase. What could POSSIBLY be better than that? Oh, what's that? The brunch they'll serve you the next morning? That's right.

7. Washington Park Is A Boredom Cure-All


8. Tulip Fest Is Better Than Christmas

Because you know what you don't get on Christmas? Nice weather, funnel cakes, an outdoor concert, bouncy houses, and beer. OK, maybe you get beer. But still.

9. You're Pretty Sure You'd Make It Far In The Hunger Games, Because You've Dealt With Washington Avenue Rush Hour Traffic

And you've done it without crying.

10. You Balk At Downstaters Who Think They've Experienced A "Cold" Winter

You've never experienced a winter that reached the negatives? That's cute!

Albany inhabitants: You're never alone in your neighborhood-inspired triumphs and tragedies. We've all been there.

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