7 Creative And Cute Ways To Store Extra Books

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a pretty large stash of books. Even with the invention of the e-reader, I can’t resist buying hard copies — the beautiful covers call out to me. Have you seen the Puffin in Bloom line? Or the Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions Series? They’re irresistible for anyone who’s obsessed with creating the perfect bookshelf. After all, I’m forever inching toward my childhood dream of owning a library just like the beast had in Beauty and the Beast. (Complete with the sliding ladder from the book shop in Belle’s village, of course.)

Unfortunately, at the moment, I don’t have an enormous room with bookshelf-lined walls set aside for all those books. So, as fellow book-lovers can understand, it’s time to start finding alternate storage options for the stacks and stacks of novels. You know the drill: you stuff books under your bed. You stack them in piles all around your room, trying not to trip over them. You double-line your bookshelf. You could chop them up for crafts, but the thought makes you feel faint. What if you want to read them again? What will you use to fill your library in years to come? You couldn’t possibly destroy such a beautiful assortment, so instead, it’s time to find some creative solutions for storing your ever-growing collection. Here's how.

Use Bookends To Make Shelves Anywhere

If you've run out of space on your bookshelf, why not grab some cute bookends and make any surface another shelf? There are plenty of cute options on Etsy (you can buy these particular bookends here), or you could find two heavy objects around your room and stick books in between them. It all works!

Store Books In A Sling

This book sling is easily customizable. You can purchase one to match your room (find this one here) or give it the DIY try. It sits close to the wall, so if you're running out of space, this is a great option to display whatever you're currently reading so that it's easy to access and looks pretty.

Repurpose A Drawer

Find an old drawer to store your books, or buy this one here, for a cool way to store books. You can add a vintage vibe to your room or office, plus if you find a drawer big enough, you can store the books spine-up so you can easily see the titles. Not to mention, you can move the drawer around, or even store it under your bed to save space.

Use A Pipe Shelf

Once your first bookshelf is full, you can use up wall space with small shelves like this modern-looking pipe shelf (find it here). It's perfect if you have a small overflow of books to store, or you can always purchase several and place them around your room. Not only are they practical, they also turn your books into wall art.

Store Books In Old Suitcases

For those interested in more of a vintage look, try storing books in old suitcases. You can buy these particular suitcases here, or hunt around local thrift shops to find the perfect ones to match your room. Stack them on top of your bookshelf, under your bed, next to a chair — not only can they store books, they also add an elegant flair to any room.

Use A Side Table As A Shelf

If you're seriously running out of room, why not fill whatever space is left... with books? Stack books in your side tables or night stands to create pretty pieces with practical applications. You can both display and store your books in the space already available!

Create A Little Free Library

When all else fails, and you can always share your books. Create a little free library and others can enjoy all your favorites, and leave some of their own. Plus, it looks pretty darn cute. Learn more about starting a little free library here.

Images: Buena Vista Pictures/Walt Disney (1), Knob Creek Metal Arts, Blue House Joys, Lil and Lou, littlecows,CoronaConceptsCo/Etsy; Flickr/Rick Obst (1), Julia Seales (1)