'PLL's Summer Finale Will Change Everything

Still reeling from the Aug. 4 episode of Pretty Little Liars? Same. Alison finally saw Charles' face, the mothers are trapped in the DiLaurentis basement and an undercover cop was revealed. You know, just another day in Rosewood. The Aug. 11 summer finale is almost upon us, which means we'll finally find out who A is. Until then, we can watch the first two minutes of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. While it promises to give us answers, I have a lot of questions now. (And just one of them is "Who the heck is A?")

This season has already seen the Liars freed from the dollhouse, meet even more sketchy characters, come face-to-face with Charles and debut Aria's new, short hair. In typical PLL fashion, it just leaves us wanting more information.

The good news is that the preview clip does tell us some things. While ABC Family clearly isn't ready to exposure the man (or woman) behind A's mask, they do throw us a few bones. (Albeit, bones that come with even more queries.) It's been a long, dramatic and seemingly endless wait to the #SummerOfAnswers, but until we can watch the summer finale, here's seven things we learn from the teaser.

A Might End It All

A rushes to the roof, where it looks like he is about to jump off. Is this how it all ends?

Whoever He Is, Ali Wants A To Live

Ali begs A not to jump, which confirms that after seeing his face, she wants him to live.

The Game Isn't Over Yet

Spencer, ever the sensible one, reminds A that just because his identity is known, doesn't mean they're done.

A Seems Trapped

After five and a half seasons of dodging capture, A is finally cornered.

A Definitely Seems To Be Ali's Brother

"Don't do this to your sister!" Emily says, which pretty much confirms that.

The Liars Sympathize With A

Even Hanna says she understands where he's coming from.

The Moms Are Still Trapped

Meanwhile, back in the DiLaurentis, the mothers are locked in the basement.

But until we learn the answers to all these questions, refresh your memory of last week's episode with Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave:

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (7)