Take A Soundtrack Trip Through 'Paper Towns'

The new movie Paper Towns is doing great in theaters, and the soundtrack is doing equally well on the charts. This is no mere accident: the album includes songs from a variety of trendy artists and crosses multiple genres, therefore appealing to a wide range of fans. Atlantic Records President Kevin Weaver told the Huffington Post, "John Green, obviously, is a massive brand and he speaks to young people in an incredibly prolific way, so my goal was to tap into that via a bunch of amazing, new and exclusive and licensed music to emulate what we were able to do on The Fault in Our Stars, connecting with those young people via the songs that appear in the picture." Clearly, a lot of thought was put into the album, and for when each song from the Paper Towns soundtrack plays in the movie.

The film's soundtrack was formulated both to inform the narrative and to help capture the wide range of emotions that are experienced by the characters (and therefore the viewer) throughout the course of the film. The songs are all catchy enough to enjoy on their own, but they also link to the plot perfectly. Here's a helpful guide to when you can hear each song from the soundtrack during Paper Towns.

1. Santigold — "Radio"

Q enters the party at Jase's house and surveys the scene of his drunk friends.

2. Twin Shadow — "To The Top"

End credits, and also in the trailer.

Warning: this song, which is reminiscent of an '80s power ballad, is strangely addictive. More than once, I've caught myself singing along while walking through the city with my earbuds in. This is not an effective way to make friends on Fifth Avenue.

3. Sam Bruno — "Search Party"

Q is searching Jase's room during the party for clues about Margo and he finds her road trip maps collection, including a map that has been torn apart.

This song, according to Kevin Weaver, is expected to be the breakout hit of the soundtrack. "This is the "Boom Clap' of Paper Towns," he said, referencing Charli XCX's hit from The Fault in Our Stars.

4. Kindness — "Swingin Party"

First song of the movie: Q talks about the first time he saw Margot and how she was a miracle to him.

5. Vance Joy — "Great Summer"

The first song of the roadtrip, marking the hours passing by.

6. Vampire Weekend — "Taxi Cab"

Crossing Jefferson Park and driving to Chuck's house.

7. Son Lux — "Lost It To Trying (Paper Towns Mix)"

When Quentin and Margo are driving through the city to the SunTrust building.

8. Saint Motel — "My Type"

Plays in the background as Radar asks Q on the phone to come pick them up from the house party.

9. Galantis — "Runaway (U & I) (Svidden & Jarly Remix)"

Q and Lacey sit in the bathtub at Jase's party, where he discovered her crying. They talk about their lives and friendship dynamics and he comforts her.

10. HAIM — "Falling"

At the end prom scene.

11. Grouplove — "No Drama Queen"

Second song that plays on the road trip.

12. De Lux — "Moments"

Q watches Margo through his window on Halloween and reflects on how they drifted apart as they grew older, but he still cares for her way more than he should.

13. Alice Boman — "Be Mine"

After the accident with the cow on the highway, the group takes a break on the roadtrip. Lacey asks Ben to prom, and Radar and Angela have sex for the first time.

Because those are both totally normal reactions to near-death experiences.

14. The Mountain Goats — "Used To Haunt"

Ending credits!

15. The War On Drugs — "Burning"

Second day of the road trip after the car is fixed, and the five kids arrive at the New York State line.

16. Nat & Alex Wolff — "Look Outside"

Ending credits.

This soundtrack? Absolute perfection.

Images: 20th Century Fox, Giphy