'The Originals' Is Getting a New Witch In New Orleans: What It Might Mean For the Show

The CW's The Originals aired its midseason finale on Tuesday night and left us wondering what we're going to do with ourselves until its Jan. 14 return in the new year. And now we know — we'll be spending the hiatus speculating about what's going to come next. On Dec. 4 TVline.com exclusively announced that a new witch is on her way to NOLA and she's set going to wreak all kinds of havoc on one of our favorite original vampires and her lover. Elyse Levesque (SGU Stargate Universe and Smallville) will join the show in episode 13 as Genevieve, a mysterious witch who's returning to the French Quarter to settle some unfinished business with recently reunited lovebirds, Rebekah and Marcel.

The witches' storyline has taken a back seat since Elijah ripped out Agnes's throat, who's the last remaining elder, and ended any chance of their coven completing the Harvest. But from the looks of the preview for the first post-hiatus episode, it's about to make its way to the forefront in episode 10 now that Davina is on the loose causing all kinds of damage. Sophie Devereaux claims that things are about to change, and while we know those things definitely include Davina running rampant with her new-found freedom, what does that have to do with mysterious Genevieve returning, as well? The new witch in town could mean a few different things for the supernaturals down in New Orleans, and we're going to assume they probably won't be good.

Rebekah and Marcel's Secret

Those two are already on rocky ground now that Marcel is back to being Klaus' wingman and co-king of the Quarter. In her most menacing way possible, Rebekah reminded Marcel about their secret that could ruin him in Klaus' eyes and cautioned him to "remember what happened last time" — Genevieve could have something to do with all of that, especially considering the fact that one of the only things we know about her character is that she has a history with these two and she's coming back to finish whatever they started together. If Genevieve is so old that she has history with Marcel and Rebekah in New Orleans, she's probably got some serious power and she'll use it to make them suffer, especially if she can blackmail them about "the secret". Which brings us to the next theory...

Davina Won't Be Safe

Again, if Genevieve is so old and potentially so powerful, could she be an elder to the coven in the Quarter? That would mean that she's the one person who could complete the ritual Harvest and restore strength to the power of all the witches in New Orleans. Chances that Davina can sense her return? Probably zero. Which definitely means that the more of a ruckus she causes now that she's reveling in her freedom from the attic and imprisonment by vampires, the more danger she'll find herself in come episode 13. Unless Genevieve is returning for only her personal reasons and has no interest/is too smart to be manipulated by Sophie — but we'll assume that anything is possible.

The Hybrid Baby

Werewolves from all over the place are flocking to Louisiana to see Hayley's hybrid miracle baby, so Genevieve's pull back to her old stomping grounds could have something to do with that as well. Maybe she knows something that no one else does? Maybe she'll align with Klaus and Elijah to protect the baby from the crazy, witchy business that's about to go down? Or maybe she's coming to terminate the pregnancy because that baby will bring the apocalypse on NOLA. This one can really go either way, but we hope she's #teamhybridbaby.

The Original Family

This can go one of two ways — Genevieve will align with the family, meaning Klaus and Elijah because Rebekah's gone completely rogue at this point, or she'll be completely against them. Since Rebekah and Marcel are operating on their own plane here, it's really them against Elijah and Klaus which would make Genevieve more inclined to help the two brothers if they can prove they're not all working together. That'd keep the baby safe and keep the lid closed tight on the rolling boil that is the witch population in the Quarter, which would be an all-around win and give her plenty of freedom to deal with her history with the lovebirds. If she just hates vampires in general and has a vendetta against the entire species, no one will be safe, except maybe Klaus who tends to survive just about everything.

Like we've come to expect from the CW and its vampire series, anything goes and anything can happen. So now... we wait.

Image: Fanpop; Fanpop