These GOP Debate Memes Are All You Ever Wanted

It's hard to say if this debate is what we had hoped for, or what we had feared. It's always a fine line when dealing with political spectacle. It's what we feared in the sense that these candidates have policies that are pretty terrifying, and what we hoped for in the sense that the candidates were not exactly at their finest. With 10 blowhards (er, politicians) sharing a single stage, we got quite the show. And bless the heart of hilarious folks on the Internet, because now we have excellent Republican debate memes to enjoy. So if you're looking for some comic relief after all the ups and downs and more downs from this debate, you need not look any further than these hysterical and very on point memes.

Like we all knew was coming, a lot of the memes that are being created feature the one and only Donald Trump. The man did not seem interested in holding anything back during the debates, and his whole demeanor and obviously his hair already lend themselves really well to some excellent memes. It's possible the Trump memes alone could keep us entertained for hours, but luckily we're seeing some great ones for many of the candidates.

Say My Name

The candidates needed to be called several times before they finally emerged from backstage. Given all the egos in the room, the Walter White comparison seems apt.

Awkward. Very Awkward.

It's true. There has been no shortage of awkward moments in this debate so far. Including literally the very start of it, when everyone just sort of stood around with absolutely nothing to do.

Dodging The Answer

Feel familiar?

If It Weren't For Trump...

It was confirmed during the debate. Trump is god's gift to the earth, and politics would not be what it is today without him.

As If!

"Uh-uh, no way, not even!"

Donald Trump For 'Parks And Rec!'

Too bad this show isn't still on, because Trump would make an excellent best friend character for Ron Swanson.

The Drums Of War

Lots of talk of ISIS and war on Thursday evening.... Yikes.

Pop The Popcorn

I mean, if nothing else, this debate was an extremely entertaining spectacle.

Donald Cyrus

Who wore it better?!

That's So ...

Too perfect.

George Costanza


The Wizard of Dumb

Then which candidates would play the other characters? Man with no heart? No courage? No brain?

What Does Jesus Think?

He swears!

Can't Go Wrong With Billy Madison

I don't think he could have said it better.


They're basically twinsies!

A Harsh Realization

... that he should have figured out earlier.

But Really

For real, which is it?!?

Stop. Please.

Actually, don't stop, this is working out great for us.