These Travel Videos Inspire Serious Wanderlust

I'm a victim of wanderlust — though mainly for the "lust" part right now, since I'm still in the process of saving up for my future jetsetting self. Since I can't actually hit the road yet, though, I'm glad other people are documenting the outcome of their own wanderlust travels — like, for example, this Singafive!" travel video, which features the couple who made it high-fiving each other in each of the destinations they visit, all set to happy, bouncy music. Corny? Yes. Cute? Of course? Make me jealous? Duh. But it's so cute that I also just can't help but clap my hands along with it.

Recently I feel like I've been seeing more and more videos and articles from people who've caught the travel bug and have left everything behind to travel the world. Although I'm a dreamer, I'm also a realist and know that I can't just pick up and go at the drop of a hat without destroying my credit and credibility with my landlord and boss. However, I do find these stories inspiring. We only have one life to live, and in my opinion, most of us see way too little of our big, huge, wonderful world.

That's why although I haven't left quite yet, I am seriously planning a trip to fulfill the part of my DNA that's embedded with those wanderlust genes. Not to throw out a "YOLO" here, but we only have so much time on this planet. The truth is that it's pretty unlikely someone will just show up on our doorsteps one day with an all-expenses-paid ticket around the world — but that doesn't mean we all can't travel at some point in our lives.

Heck, we can even do a little armchair traveling right from the comforts of our own home, thanks to the wonders of YouTube. These inspiring travel videos might help convince you to start planning that trip you've always wanted.

1. Singafive!

OK, let's start with the inspiration for this article. This couple traveled around Singapore and its surrounding areas, enjoying the sights and each other. I'll admit that I'm a little annoyed, but it's almost completely out of jealousy — because just look at that. How fun does it look?

2. High On Life

A video promising three years of travel in three minutes. A group of old high school friends saved up $10K each, quit their jobs, and started traveling the world. The video's message is simple: "Get out of your comfort zone. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can."

3. Around The World In 360 Degrees

Just a man and his selfie stick... and friends and a bunch of countries. Not for the easily nauseous.

4. Girl Travels

Although not all the clips in this video are from her own personal travels, this cinematographer tried to capture traveling through the eyes of a women. I'm a fan.

The point is this: Let your adventure flags fly, people! Sometimes there are more reasons to go then there are to stay.

Images: Send Me Adrift./Flickr