What To Know About Julia From 'Big Brother 17'

The reveal of the Twin Twist on this season of Big Brother was pretty anticlimactic, since most of the other cast members caught on well before Julie Chen officially announced it. Now that everything's out in the open, however, Julia Nolan is in the Big Brother 17 house as an individual player. That means Julia now gets to be herself, letting viewers learn more about her and even distinguish between her and her sister Liz — something the two were previously avoiding. We're getting to know her much better, and one thing fans might not be aware of is that according to her CBS bio, Julia had Leukemia at the age of 6, and now "is definitely a fighter."

Julia and Liz might share DNA, but they both have their own individual life stories in and out of the Big Brother house. Julia did what she could to fight for a chance to compete in the game, and her strong sense of determination has definitely shone through. With everything she's been through, it's pretty clear that competing with a reality show is not going to get to Julia. Here are a few more things you should know about the new houseguest.

She Is The Older Twin

The twins' sister Angela is operating a joint Twitter account in their honor and revealed that Julia is a few minutes older than Liz.

She Is Very Athletic

Liz enjoys activities like crossfit, rock climbing, surfing, hiking, and soccer. So it's safe to assume that she hopes the next HoH competition is one that requires some physical endurance. In fact, her sister Angela tweeted that "Julia has more endurance and speed" than Liz.

She Loves Her GoPro

When asked about what item she would love to bring in the Big Brother house in her CBS bio, Julia said, "My GoPro to take sick pictures of my experience."

She Is Afraid Of Lemon Seeds

Julia admitted to being afraid of death and needles in her bio, which I think are pretty standard fears, but lemon seeds is definitely a new one. Maybe she will elaborate on what's so scary about lemon seeds in the future.

She Is A Fan Of Mike "Boogie" From Big Brother 2

Julia said that Mike "Boogie" Malin was her favorite Big Brother cast member "because he was hilarious to watch and he didn't care whose toes he had to step on in order to form alliances." I wonder if that will be indicative of how Julia will play her game in the house.

She Loves To Boat

Boating is a fun activity for Julia to enjoy with her sister. It's active, yet relaxing. A perfect mix of interests for the two of them.

She Has A Different Strategy Than Liz

Anyone watching the show could tell you this. Liz seems so preoccupied with whatever is happening with Austin and Julia seems to be more focused on the game and building other alliances. Their sister Angela tweeted from their account, "I think Julia definitely has more of her eye on the prize but I do think Liz wants to win the money too." Angela also explained the difference in the twins' strategies: "Liz's strategy is being nice and Julia's is being real."

We'll have to see which twin's outlook gets them farther on Big Brother, but in the meantime, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS