Who Is Julia Nolan From 'BB17'?

We’re still weeks away from the Twin Twist on Big Brother 17 being revealed to the houseguests, but audiences got a sneak peak on Thursday night’s episode of whose twin will be making an appearance in the house during week five. Liz Nolan’s sister, Julia, was revealed to be Season 17’s Twin Twist, and the girls are already killing it. Jace, for example, after being evicted and told during his exit interview that Liz was really Julia half of the time, was blown away by the news. But Jace is definitely in the minority as far as being in on the twist goes, because if you’re at all obsessed with Big Brother this season, you probably already saw this twist coming.

Social media has been blowing up since episode one with spoilers and gossip about Liz and Julia. OF COURSE. Leave it to social media to ruin it for everyone. But secretly I’m thankful for the information overload because now I have a better idea of who this new contestant is and what we can anticipate from her once she starts competing alongside her sister in week five.

That is if Liz and Julia can make it to week five.

On Thursday night’s episode, CBS showed never-before-seen footage of the two twins switching back and forth and interacting in between trade offs. They swapped gossip, intel, and friend preferences to stay consistent, but they also revealed a lot about themselves in the process. And you’ll be happy to know that what was revealed about Julia is JUICY.

So it is in all of its Big Brother glory: All the info I have gathered on Julia so far, both from social media, and from what she and Liz have discussed on the actual show. Eat your heart out, BB17 lovers:

1. She Used To Be A Dental Assistant

Julia got pumped when, during the first switch, Liz mentioned that Johnny is a dentist. “I was a dental assistant!” she squealed. Exciting connection to make with a fellow houseguest, but unfortunately Julia is going to have to keep that on the DL, because right now she’s Liz, not Julia.

2. They Have The Exact Same Voice

Thank god for that, because Liz’s voice is super distinct. If Julia didn’t also have that same husky quality to hers, their cover would have been blown in a minute.

3. She Sometimes Gives It Away

I’m not saying this has anything to do with her intelligence, but COME ON, girl. YOU are Liz! People are going to start catching on if you are constantly referring to yourself in the third person.

4. She Really Loves Her Sister

During their first switch, Liz and Julia were so happy to see each other and it was totally adorable.

5. She’s The Humble Twin

“I’m totally the prettiest girl here,” Liz said to Julia during one of their trade offs, to which Julia responded, “Oh my god, don’t say that.” Gotta love a girl who keeps it modest.

6. She’s A Marketing Intern

Which means she totally needs that $500K, y’all, because interns get paid crap.

7. She’s Clearly The Alpha Twin

“Come on!” Julia said to Liz as they were updating each other during one of their switches, and Liz was acting kind of goofy. This just goes to show that Julia doesn’t mess around when it comes to bossing Liz around. Where Liz is kind of silly and spacey, Julia just wants to get down to business.

8. She’s Way More Into The Game Than Liz Is

Julia volunteered the two of them to eat slop, which Liz was NOT happy about. She looked disgusted when Julia revealed her move to her during one of their switches. But Julia is being WAY more strategic about the game than Liz is, and she knows she volunteered to eat slop for a good reason.

I know allegiances to Liz might be tight because she was the first twin on the show, but I am totally #teamjulia after seeing the two of them interact. She is definitely going to be the twin to beat. Now let’s all just cross our fingers and toes that the two sisters can make it to week five so that their twist can be revealed and even more drama can start!

Image: CBS