'Broad City's 'Lip Sync Battle' Has A Clear Winner

Lip Sync Battle has been one of this summer's hidden gems. What started as a Tonight Show bit devised by John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Stephen Merchant on a road trip has become a highly entertaining and viral hit for Spike TV. This week, Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer will compete on Lip Sync Battle. Which of these two besties will take away the belt? I don't know about real life, but if I were to choose between their fictional personas on the Comedy Central series, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Clearly they're both gonna be good. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are excellent performers. We've seen the girls dance and sing many times on Broad City. They have also both performed on stage for live audiences before, which is key. However, lip syncing is a specific skill that only certain people are truly built for. It's more about selling the song than anything else, and the Abbi and Ilana we know are heightened versions of their own personalities. So, putting reality aside, how would the fictional Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler fare in a Lip Sync Battle? Let's break it down based on their characters and a few key scenes.

Ilana Wexler

Ilana's strengths are her willingness to do anything and dramatic flair. I would also say she has better taste in music than Abbi on the show. She's also willing to seduce anyone and anything, which is good skill to have when winning over a crowd. However, she's not the most focused. Also, let's face it — her devotion to Abbi might cause her to forfeit.

Abbi Abrams

Not only are Abbi's organizational skills and attention to detail, but she's definitely practiced at the art of the lip sync. You can see the evidence right here! She would also probably hit the audience with something just outdated enough to get nostalgia points. Finally, we've seen time and time again on Lip Sync Battle that the "unexpected" competitor is often the winner, and since Abbi is often the more subdued on Broad City, I think she would have that working in her favor. As much as I love Ilana both on the show and IRL, I have a feeling that of their two characters, Abbi would be the lip sync champion.

The Real Winner: Val

Not only is Abbi a natural ace at lip syncing while sober (and naked), but her drunk alter-ego Val lights up any room with her croonin' and scallywag ways, babydoll. Team Abrams... I mean Jacobson!

Image: Spike TV