7 Ruby Rose Inspired Tattoos To Rock Hard

If your skin's in the mood for some new ink, then you could do a lot worse than rocking some Ruby Rose inspired tattoos. As a hugely successful model, actress, and DJ with a penchant for ink, Rose is the poster girl for women and feminine-presenting individuals everywhere who want to liberally ink their bodies and still hold down a successful career (or three).

Opening up to Conan O'Brien on his show on Aug. 12, Rose spoke about her tattoos, and how she'd jokingly downplay their abundance when in discussions with film casting directors. The actress laughed, saying, "[They're] really, like, 17 different tattoos, but now I can say to the big studio heads, "It's just three tattoos, guys! It's just three! They all blend into one, y'know, like the sleeve."

From her "just love" knuckle tattoos to Leonardo of Ninja Turtles' face on her right forearm to a half-sleeve filled with traditional Japanese imagery (including a koi fish, cherry blossoms, ocean waves, and a tiger), Rose mixes personally deep and meaningful imagery with sentimental quotes and tongue-in-cheek cartoons. The end result is a patchwork quilt-esque assortment of tatts that showcase her impulsive, fun-loving personality. What better way to feed your own tattoo addiction than by taking inking inspiration from the master herself?

1. Futurama's Leela

As the smart, level-headed, and butt-kickingly proactive captain of the Planet Express Ship, Leela is more often the rescuer than the damsel in distress and one of the most feminist portrayals of women in the contemporary cartoon world. She's not unlike Ruby's Rose's tattooed heroine, Tank Girl, who is located on her back.

2. Vintage Key Tattoo

Rose rocks a vintage-style skeleton key much like this one on her left elbow and it's not really surprising. This artistically shaded, chained, rose-backed tattoo would make a gorgeous ink addition to any part of your body.

3. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

An ode to Rose's beautiful half sleeve, these charming watercolor cherry blossoms would look delightful in any location, from your back to your upper forearm. You wouldn't be the first to join Ruby Rose's cherry blossom fan club, either. It appears that Cara Delevingne is quite taken with the florals, too.

4. Ninja Turtles Tattoo

Ruby Rose has a full-length tattoo of The Ninja Turtles' Leonardo on her right forearm, but this close-up cartoon would allow you to coo at the cuteness of the heroes in a half shell whilst simultaneously celebrating your love of pizza.

5. Ruby Tattoo

Ruby Rose is often seen showcasing a red-faceted ruby stone tattoo on her right forearm, alongside a simple black cross design. The words "Trust In God" are in rainbow block letters. This Rose-inspired heart shaped ruby tattoo is a great reminder of both your love for the Orange Is The New Black star and the notion that your heart is a precious stone to be treated with care. Cheesy, but true.

6. Sia Tattoo

Rose's delicate and subtle "and breathe me" tattoo is a line from Sia's song "Breathe Me," as well as a sentimental nod to the pair's friendship. This ode to Sia would pose a great motivational pick-me-up when your job, friendships, or love life are just getting that little bit too tough.

7. Inner Lip Tattoo

If your workplace doesn't share your love of tattoos or you simply want a little inky secret, the inner lip is the perfect place to get discreetly inked, as Ruby Rose proves with her playful "Meow" inner lip ink.

So, why not take the plunge and dedicate your next tatt to the gal redefining everything from gender roles and expectations put on women to tattoos in the workplace?