You're Gonna Freak Out When You See This Milkshake

If I had to list three of my favorite things off the top of my head in no specific order, Nutella, doughnuts, and milkshakes would all probably make the cut. Look, I'm a simple girl with simple needs — and an Australian cafe has managed to find a way to take care of all of those needs at once. Behold, Foodcraft Espresso's Tella Ball Shake, a Nutella doughnut milkshake that, for obvious reasons, is my new favorite thing in the whole entire world... and I haven't even tasted it, yet.

Honestly, it's hard to say whether this is more doughnut, or more milkshake, but when the universe drops a gem like this in your lap (well, in Australia's lap), you kind of just have to gaze on adoringly and trust that it will all make sense. The milkshake in question contains three scoops of Nutella and vanilla ice cream, and is topped by what the Sydney eatery calls its signature "Tella Ball" doughnut, a pastry filled to brimming with your favorite hazelnut-chocolate spread. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the shake costs $10 and, according to Foodcraft Espresso's owner, is "pretty lethal." I don't tend to live life on the edge, but for the love of all that's Nutella-y and good, can someone please bring this thing of beauty to America? Please?

Naturally, Instagram is going nuts over the Tella Ball Shake, and with good reason. I mean, just look at this thing.

I mean, really look at it.

I dare you to try to tear your eyes away from this baby for just a second. You won't be able to... unless it's to take a closer peek at this milkshake's crowning glory, the Tella Ball doughnut.

Yup, I'm going to need one of these please. Immediately.

Seriously, imagine eating that on top of a freaking milkshake.

Of course, the Tella Ball Shake is in pretty good company — Australia is way ahead of the game when it comes to dreaming up milkshakes that will blow your mind. May I remind you that it was Australian eatery Patissez that brought us these "Freakshow" milkshakes:

And oh, what's that? A milkshake overflowing with Snickers, peanut butter, caramel corn, and Nutella? Yup, only available at Australia's Vogue Cafe:

In conclusion, I'm running away to Australia, and I'm probably never coming back. See you guys later.

Images: Foodcraft Espresso/Instagram; Pâtissez/Facebook; Giphy