Kathryn Kattalia

Kathryn Kattalia is deputy editor of features and brand initiatives at BDG, where she works on digital issues and other special projects for Bustle, The Zoe Report, Elite Daily, and Romper. Before that, she served as Bustle’s deputy lifestyle editor working with her team to cover feminism and social justice, health and wellness, relationships, astrology, food, viral news, and so much more. Prior to joining BDG in 2014, Kathryn worked at New York Daily News as a multimedia editor, producing photo features across verticals. She received her master’s degree in journalism from New York University in 2011, and has a bachelor's degree from Valparaiso University. She's an unabashed Hoosier at heart. Kathryn recently discovered her rising sign is Sagittarius, and it’s honestly changed her whole outlook on life. She's almost always in need of pizza and new book suggestions.